3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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Books Read This Week - 04-22

I missed my post last week, partly because I didn’t finish reading any books to post about! Our school year is winding down, so I was spending time figuring out what we need to accomplish before we take our summer break. I was also beginning to plan for next year and starting to order books for us to read together. Fun! The other day I went down to our post office to pick up some packages and I had 9 different packages of books I ordered! The post master asked if we homeschool — I wonder how she could tell!

If you are wondering why I had 9 packages of books, I found a really neat site where you can buy used books for very reasonable prices. It is called Thriftbooks. If you don’t mind reading used books with a little wear, you can find some treasures here! I was able to order a bunch of our books for next year at more than half off the price of new. Plus, you only have to order $10 worth to get free shipping. Go check out Thriftbooks today!

I recently purchased the Homeschool Made Simple seminar by Carole Joy Seid and have learned so much that I want to apply to our homeschool. Many of the things we are already doing, but she has given me some new ideas to pray about! Even though I have been homeschooling for 16 years now, I am still learning new things and continue to be excited about each new year.

Here are the books I finished and the ones that I plan on reading this coming week.

3 Books I Finished This Week

Patriots Redcoats and Spies

Patriots, Redcoats & Spies – I finished up this book with the kids last week and we loved it! I know this is only the first in a planned series, but this is the only one currently available. We enjoyed it and look forward to reading more in the series when we study the Revolutionary War again.

Simple Choices

Simple Choices (Harmony Trilogy-Book 3) – I really enjoyed this series by Nancy Mehl and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. Set in a small Mennonite community, Nancy does a wonderful job of teaching about their lifestyle and beliefs. It made me realize that just because some choose to live a certain way, doesn’t mean that they judge others who don’t. This series did a great job of pointing out the fact that living the Christian life is about a relationship with Jesus, not just about a set of standards to live by.

Justified Means

Justified Means (The Agency Files-Book 1) – I decided to start a new Chautona Havig book this past week and just finished it last night. This one was definitely action-packed and full of suspense, but it was good. I look forward to starting Book 2 in this series this week!

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Annie Henry and the Secret Mission (Adventures in the American Revolution – Book 1) – This is the new read-aloud book I am reading to the kids. I found this 4-book historical fiction series on the American Revolution and it had excellent reviews, so I decided to finish out our school year reading this series to the kids. We have read 4 chapters so far and we are really enjoying it!

Hopeful Parenting – I picked this up when it was free on Kindle a couple weeks ago. I have been reading bits here and there as I have time, and am gleaning much encouragement!

For the Children’s Sake -I am still making my way slowly through this book and really enjoying it. There is a lot to think about as I read, so it is taking me longer than I thought to finish.

Mismatched (The Agency Files-Book 2) – I enjoyed Book 1 of this series and am looking forward to starting book 2 this week! I love all of Chautona Havig’s books, and this series is no exception!

Own Your Life – I am currently studying through this book with a friend. We read a chapter a week and then discuss together via email or Skype. This study has been so good and I highly recommend it!


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