Little by little {a lesson from Exodus}

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As we were doing our Bible reading one day last week, the Lord showed me something and I shared it with the kids.  I love how the history of the Israelites so much parallels our own lives…our bondage to sin…our Redeemer coming to bring us to freedom…gaining freedom from bondage only to complain about hardships…but finally reaching the Promised Land (one day).

We were reading in Exodus 23 where God is giving the Israelites instructions as well as encouragement that He will be with them.  Here is what we read:

I will send hornets ahead of you so that they will drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites before you.  I will not drive them out before you in a single year, that the land may not become desolate and the beasts of the field become too numerous for you.  I will drive them out before you little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land. – Exodus 23:28-30 NASB

What struck me was how this parallels with our Christian life.  God does not show us all at one time, everything about ourselves that needs changed or worked on.  If He did, it would be so overwhelming.

What He does do, is show us little by little the areas of our lives that need attention.  Sins that need to be confessed and turned away from.  Attitudes that need an adjustment.  Desires that need to be aligned with His will.

And just as the verse above says that God will “drive them out little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land”, God does the same with us.  As we grow and change and become more fruitful, only then will He show us more of ourselves that need changed.

I am so thankful we serve a God who cares so much about us that He will take us by the hand and show us “little by little” what we need to work on.

I pray that I have encouraged you today to press on.  In the midst of so much uncertainty, we have a God who wants us to continue to grow and change…to become more like Him.  And He will show us the way…little by little!

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  1. What a great way to look at things. It can be frustrating waiting for change when you know there is so much that needs to. However, if we don't possess the change he's already shown us then how can we be ready for the next step. Looking at each change as a possession and allowing the fruit of it to grow will make each change lasting instead of quickly moving onto the next thing and possibly losing what has already been shown to you. Thank you Sheri!! I needed to hear that.
    1. Hi Janee, Thank you for sharing! You are so right too. Sometimes we get so bogged down with everything in our life we see needs to change, improve on, etc., that we fail to see how far we've come. We dwell on our shortcomings and it paralyzes us to obey Him. God wants us to be moving forward with Him. When we dwell on our faults, we are taking our focus off of Jesus. Let's all keep our eyes on Jesus and move forward in obedience, trusting Him to change us in His time. Have a great day, Janee!

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