God’s instructions for troubled times

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This past Sunday at church, the choir sang this amazing song. It was the chorus that really struck a chord with me and I wanted to share some thoughts with you today.

There is so much going in our world today that just breaks my heart. Not only does it break my heart, but it is just plain scary!

And what is it that I tend to do when I get afraid, uncertain, anxious? I find myself trying harder, running faster, and wondering what to do.

Here is what this song remind us of…

It’s not in trying but in trusting
It’s not in running but in resting
Not in wondering but in praying
That we find the strength of the Lord

It is a reminder that when I find myself fearful and anxious and trying harder and harder to figure things out, to find answers, to “fix” things —

I need to stop and TRUST.

It is a reminder that when I find myself worried about not being or doing enough and running faster and faster, trying to keep up, to be “enough” —

He tells me to REST.

It is a reminder that when I find myself full of indecision, confusion, or lack of direction, just wondering what to do or what way to go —

I need to PRAY.

I just want to encourage you today. Are you finding yourself full of fear, anxiety, worry, and lack of direction?

Let’s do what this song reminds us that God wants us to do:


It is only when we do this very thing, that we can find…


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