My Healthy Habits for September

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My Healthy Habits for September

I previously shared how I am really wanting to make some lifestyle changes in regards to my health. I don’t want to start something just because it is the next “new thing” and then fizzle out because I did not make it a part of my lifestyle.

So last month I started a little challenge for myself (and anyone else who wants to join in).

Each month I am picking one or two habits to work on. Last month I worked on drinking more water, fixing myself some Good Girl Moonshine every day, and keeping my snacks to FP snacks (for those on Trim Healthy Mama, these are low fat, low carb snacks).

I did pretty good with my fluid intake but want to continue working on the snacks.

So here is my plan for September.

Habits for September

Keep snacks FP as much as possible (or at the last THM friendly)

I have to confess that I am still struggling with keeping my snacks FP. We have had sickness go through our family, twice, and I did not do good at making sure I had some snacks made up ahead of time. So, I will continue to work on this habit this month. Here is my plan for this habit:

  1. Make a list of FP snacks so I can quickly glance at it for ideas when I am hungry. (DONE!)
  2. Make up some snacks ahead of time so I have something ready to grab!
  3. I set up a habit in my Habits App on my phone. I simply added one that says, “Had FP Snacks” or something like that. Then at the end of the day I can check it if I kept all my snacks that day to FP!

Take my vitamins daily

I know this is important and yet it is something that is easy to forget or just not do. I am adding this to my habit tracker on my phone to remind myself every day!

  1. I set up a habit in my Habits App on my phone. I simply added one that says, “Take Vitamins”. That way it will be on the list to remind myself at the end of the day if I have forgotten.

Take Integral Collagen daily

I can notice a big difference in my hair and nails when I take collagen daily, so I am adding this to my daily habits. The THM Integral Collagen is the best, but I know there are others out there you can take.

  1. I set up a habit in my Habits App on my phone. I simply added one that says, “Take Collagen”.
  2. Every morning when I make my cup of coffee, I mix in a scoop of collagen.

How about you?

What habits are you going to be working on this month? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I was doing good with my water intake and not with my fuel pull snacks! I did start taking vitamins and a women's pack that my naturologist subscribed to me that would hit a lot of my nutritional needs, as well as my probiotics. So that is what I am working on doing consistently! I was actually thinking I should do a bunch of fuel pull snacks but ending up adding more smoothies to my day, and Fat Stripping Frappas, which seem to be helping a little. I eventually have to give up the white bread again because I think I have been allowing too much of that! But I was thinking I may start trying some of your FP cakes and check out the other things I put on my pinterest board. I don't have the ability to use the apps. Do you have anything on your computer that helps you with habits? Or does the app thing work on a kindle?
    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yeah for you! Keep up the great work and do try some of my FP cakes. You will love them! As far as what to use for tracking your habits, you should be able to find something you can use on your Kindle. Look in the app store on your kindle and search for "habit tracker" or something like that. There should be something for free that you can use. If that doesn't work, just make a list of the habits you are working on, and put small circles by each of the habits (enough for the whole week), and put it on your refrigerator. Use it to mark off each day when you do the habit you are working on. Just find something that works for you, that is the key!

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