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As we look upon a brand new year, what are your desires for change…for learning…for growing?  I thought I’d share a few links with you this morning….

My dear friend, Ann Voskamp, has written a powerful article called “Five Steps to Making New Year’s Resolutions Happen.  You can find it here.  Please take time now to go and read…print out…and pray about!

For those of you desiring to make more things from scratch, this website has a huge list of homemade seasoning and spice mixes.  I plan on printing this list out and seeing if there are any that I can start making from scratch and incorporating in my food preparations.

At this website you can listen to (or download) a long list of audios related to homeschooling!  Go check this one out!  I have already downloaded a few and loaded them on my mp3 player.  Next time I am working in the kitchen – cooking or doing dishes – I’ll have a listen!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,

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  1. Here are some of my goals for learning and growing, for this year: For education, a high priority for me is to develop a successful foreign language teaching method for my 2 kids. We've tried several different things over the past few years, and some have worked well, others not so well. So this will be a time to synthesize all of those findings, and see if a program can be worked out-- hopefully for use during part of this school year. A new family goal is to seek to have more communication between family members. We get going in all different directions, and it seems like we don't really get to know each other, or stop to enjoy time together. We have a couple of ideas for things to do to help with this-- one is to have a question for discussion at dinner one night of the week (on a night when all or most people are home). We have a book that's called 101 Great Questions (by Jerry Jones), for questions to use. Another idea is to have a scripture song time once or twice a week. We've already been doing this, very sporadically. But the goal would be to do it more often. I like music, and play guitar, and have been learning some scripture songs that we can sing together. The key seems to be to do it right after dinner, before everyone scatters!
  2. yowzaa! i got something from each of these websites, thanks so much for sharing...Happy new year!
  3. Thanks for these links! I was just wondering about adding some new seasoning mixes to my repertoire, so perfect timing!

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