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3 Favorite Resources I Use to Select Great Books

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Old Books + Family History

We are gearing up for our summer break and with that comes the fun of finding new books to read! I have been having fun ordering books for us to read next year and thinking about what I want to read this summer with the kids. Even though we will be taking a break from formal school before too long, we still plan on continuing read aloud time together and I am also going to have the kids continue reading to me or on their own.

I thought I would point out to you three great resources for selecting great books to either read aloud to your kids or for them to read on their own. These three books are the best of the best and I highly recommend them to you. Let your kids look over the lists and choose some books that sound interesting to them. Then head to the library and see how many you can find at your local library.

Unfortunately many libraries are getting rid of older books, so it may be hard to find some of the books recommended. I found an excellent place online to find used books for really cheap — ThriftBooks! I ordered a ton of books from ThriftBooks for next year and even though some are definitely used, they are still in great shape and will be treasured in our library.

Ok, now for these three great resources…

Books Children Love

Books Children Love – This is an excellent book with tons of books listed by category and age. A short description is included with each book listed, making it easy to get an idea of what the book is about.

read for the heart

Read for the Heart – This is a fairly new book by Sarah Clarkson that I bought a while back. Another great resource for finding great “whole” books to read to your children!

Honey for a Child's Heart

Honey for a Child’s Heart – This book has been around a while and is another treasure, full of great books to search for in your library!

I plan on taking these three books with me every time I go to the library so that I know I am coming home with great books for my children to read. This is going to be a great summer full of fun and lots of reading!

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  1. May I add one more resource? My daughter just launched a website that is similar to the books you mentioned. Take a look at https://learningresourcedirectory.com/. After reading and using the books you talked about above, many years ago, I wanted to write my own, but children, homeschooling, and life got in the way. Then, when the idea for this website came to my daughter last year, I was excited to help her, as it fulfills my dream. There are not a lot of books reviewed on it yet, but she is adding more as fast as she can.

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