Bible Stories Alive with Mrs. G {wonderful audio Bible stories}

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Quite a while back I had researched these audios by Mrs. G., but since her ministry is based in Canada the shipping cost held me back from purchasing any of them at the time. The other day I was sorting through some homeschool catalogs and came across the information again for these audios. I decided to look up her website again and guess what – all the Mrs. G. Bible story audios are now available as mp3 downloads!

They have one audio that you can listen to for free here called Joseph and the Brothers’ Schemes.

These audios are very reasonably priced too, so please take a look!

Click here to go to the Bible Stories Alive website!

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  1. Where can you download the MP3 stories from Mrs. G?
    1. There is just one that you can download for free. If you go to this link: https://www.biblestoriesalive.org/mp3/#JosephBrothersSchemes, then look for the Joseph and the Brothers's Schemes. click on the Download button to download. The others you have to pay for, but that one is free.
  2. Thank you, Sheri, for sharing this! All of these stories are free for download in UK! yey :D
    1. Hi Ilona! I just saw that! Those that purchase the stories in the US and Canada help support the free distribution of these audios in other countries. That is awesome! Enjoy!

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