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NEW! Gluten-Free Bread Recipe Ebook by Erica Greene

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I Cant Believe Its Not Bread - 2

Have you been looking for a good gluten-free bread recipe? A recipe that makes you say, “I can’t believe it’s not bread!” Well, look no further! Erica Greene (daughter of Martha Greene) shares her recipes and tips to make three different versions of her gluten-free bread – a “just like white” version, a “just like wheat” version, and pizza crust.

Not only is this bread gluten-free, but it is high-protein, grain-free, low-carb, high-fiber, sugar-free, dairy-free, and yeast-free! I am really excited to try it out. I have only heard rave reviews from others who have tried it and said they can’t believe it isn’t regular bread!

Erica shows you exactly how to make this delicious bread, what pans to use, how to bake it, and different ways you can use the bread.

I Cant Believe Its Not Bread

All this comes packed in Erica’s brand new ebook, I can’t believe it’s not bread!¬†Hop on over today and grab a copy!

If you following the THM way of eating, this bread may be another good low-carb option for your meals!

Watch for a post from me next week after I have had a chance to make this recipe myself. I needed to order one ingredient that I didn’t have on hand and then I will be trying it. Can’t wait!

Until then…go grab a copy of the I can’t believe it’s not bread ebook and give it a try yourself!

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  1. The bread is yummy, lost the book when my computer hard drive died (yeah I know I should have backed it up, I thought I had it in my Evernote buy alas *sad face* clicked on the link to order another one and it appears the link is no longer valid, *really big sad face* I tried purchasing the book through another place and now I have lost money twice, grrrrrr. Oh well, it was a real good e-book, too bad you can't get it any more.
    1. Hi Debi, It looks like this ebook is now being sold on Erica Greene's mom's site here: https://marmeedear-co.myshopify.com/collections/gluten-free/products/secret-gluten-free-bread-recipe-book Why don't you contact Erica's Mom, Martha Greene, and explain what happened. Maybe she will send you another copy of the ebook. You can find her email in the top right corner of the site I linked above. Hope that helps!
      1. Thanks! I that is who I bought the book from and received a bad link to download the book, I have emailed her to let her know and still waiting to hear from her:) again thanks for the quick response!!
        1. She sent me a link via email this morning! Thankful for the quick response now I can make the bread again! It's the only one I found that holds up and doesn't fall apart when you try to eat it! Thanks again for all you do on this blog! You are truly a blessing!!
          1. Yeah Debi! So glad you got it all worked out! Thank you for your kind words too. It is an honor to be able to bless others through my site! Have a great day!
  2. This bread is SO yummy and filling! Great texture and taste in general, but especially for a gluten free bread. I do love it as pizza crust as well!

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