Eclectic Education Series {a review}

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I can’t wait to tell you about this wonderful collection of textbooks that used to be “the” textbooks used between 1865-1915!  The Eclectic Education Series covers every topic, including the well-known Ray’s Arithmetic books and McGuffey’s Readers!  Along with these popular books are books on history, science, and grammar!

Our family loves to read books aloud together and I look forward to including some of these excellent books in our homeschool reading time!

Since these are ebooks (PDF files), I can either print them out or load them on my Kindle.  The math and grammar ebooks can be printed out for each child as needed.

I printed out one of the McGuffey’s Readers for my daughter and made it into a little book.  She loves it!  By the way, instructions are included for how to print and bind the books if you wish to do so.  I love the fact that I can give these to my kids and not have to worry about them being torn or damaged.  They can read to their heart’s content and if the book gets damaged I can easily print it again.

Each topic can be purchased separately on CD, OR the entire Eclectic Education Series, 156 books including Ray’s Arithmetic, Science, History, Grammar, and McGuffey’s Readers is now available on CD for only $159— $56 dollars less than buying separately!  Also, right now they are offering FREE priority shipping, even internationally!

Click here for more details on this wonderful collection of ebooks! 

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