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I recently ran across this neat online spelling program — Home Spelling Words.  It is completely free to use too!  All you have to is register as a member and login to use.  They have spelling lists for 1st through 7th grade that you can import into your account, or you can use your own lists.   It is very easy to add lists.  You simply create a new list, typing in the word and a sentence to go along with it.  Once you are all done entering your words, then publish the list and you are ready to use it!  The neat thing about this program is that when the student practices the lists you entered, it takes the words and sentences and says them aloud to the student.  No recording the sentences yourself…it automates it for you!

You can add students to your account and assign a set of lists for them to be studying.  It looks like each grade level has a different number of weekly lists — some have 20 weeks, some have 30 weeks.  Once a set of lists is assigned to a student, then they select the list they are to be studying for that week (List 1, List 2, etc.).  They have a chance to practice learning to spell the words and play a couple little games (fill in the blank, and a word search game) for more practice.  Then at the end of the week they can take a test.  The program keeps track of their score for you too!

If you are looking for something easy to use for spelling this next year, take a look at HomeSpellingWords.com!  It just may be what you are looking for!

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  1. Thanks Sheri. I like all the on-line goodies you let us know about, especially for homeschooling. Also, thanks for your giveaways. They're alot of fun. Michelle

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