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I wanted to re-introduce to you a wonderful resource for homeschoolers called, Lesson Pathways. You really have to just go to their site to see what it is all about. They have compiled tons of great online resources and organized them into units or “Pathways” for each grade level. They currently have up through 5th grade I think.

The great news is that Lesson Pathways is now totally FREE!  Yes, that’s right!  This site allows you to set up a planner for each of your children, and assign the “Pathways” you want each to do. The subjects covered are: Phonics and Reading (K-2 only), Language Arts, Science, History, and Math.  It would be a great supplement to any curriculum you currently use, or it could be a complete curriculum for the younger grades.

So…if this sounds interesting to you at all…go check it out now!

CLICK HERE to go to the Lesson Pathways website now!

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  1. Since we are discussing this Neat Homeschool Resource | Graham Family Ministries, issue, Those first few years of home schooling will make a significant difference in the maturity and independence of your child.
  2. Thank you for helping to spread the word about LessonPathways.com! I hope to "see" you around our blog and Facebook page. We've got lots of homeschool inspiration happening! :-)
  3. Hi Sheri- Thank you for the resource. I have looked at this in the past but I forgot about it! I just headed over there to see if I could find some resources to supplement our Apologia Anatomy and Physiology course (not that it needs supplements, but we do enjoy lots of variety of activities) and I found 5 full Pathways on Human Anatomy. :) Yippee!!! Thank you, this came at just the right time. Have a blessed week! -RaShell

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