20 Pie Crusts for the Freezer

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As I shared before, I have been enjoying my Bosch mixer and the ability it has given me to make large quantities of things to put in the freezer. So..I thought I would share another one of my favorites! I’m sure that this recipe is not the healthiest…but it has to be better for you than store-bought…and MUCH cheaper!

Ok…here is a recipe to make 20 pie crusts that you can put in the freezer! These are SO EASY and so nice to have ahead of time to make fruit pies, pot pies, or whatever! Enjoy the recipe!

3 lb. can Crisco vegetable shortening (Butter-Flavored Crisco works great!)

5 lb unbleached white flour
3 cups ice water
2 Tbsp. salt

Using your Bosch mixer with the dough hook:

  1. Add the Butter-flavored Crisco and blend on Speed 1.
  2. While blending the Crisco, add the salt.
  3. Then begin adding a little flour at a time while still blending the Crisco, being careful not to add too much flour at a time (you will know why if you add too fast!)
  4. Then alternate between adding flour and ice water till it’s all in.
  5. Then blend a minute or so longer and it’s done!

Dump the dough out onto the counter. Grab handfuls of dough and, using a kitchen scale, weigh them out until you have approx. 7.6 oz. per blob of dough. This should make about 18 to 20 crusts.

Form into a ball and flatten slightly into a patty. Place them on greased cookie sheets and freeze them overnight (flash freeze).

Put them in a couple of Ziploc freezer bags and store in your freezer.


When you want to make a pie crust, defrost desired number of crust “patties” on the counter 30 minutes or so ahead of time, or in the fridge overnight.

Roll between 2 sheets of waxed paper or on a lightly floured surface and use as desired.

These crusts will keep for about 1 year in the freezer.

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  1. Do you know of any substitutions for the Crisco? Anything that might work in its place, like butter or....?
    1. You might be able to use butter. You can also use a healthier shortening like palm shortening. I have just never tried it yet.
      1. I looked it up. On another site, a woman listed a freezer pie crust recipe with butter, and she said you can use shortening and butter interchangeably as long as you substitute one for one. :-)
          1. Aw, I'm afraid I won't be able to make these soon enough. I won't have much opportunity for real food cooking until I move. :-p
  2. I don't know anything about bosch machines, is it like a food processer or a larger mixer? Will this recipe work with my professional Kitchen aid?
    1. The Bosch is a large heavy-duty mixer. This link will show you one: https://www.everythingkitchens.com/boschUKM.html Your Kitchen Aid might work, it will depend on how many cups of flour is can hold. I looked it up and the Kitchen Aid will hold up to 14 cups of flour. I am thinking the Bosch can hold a little more. So...I guess I'm not sure if this recipe would be too much or not for your Kitchen Aid. I guess you can try it and see how it goes? Or do half of the recipe at a time? Good luck! This recipe really makes GOOD pie crust!

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