3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read Next Week

Books Read This Week 07-03-15

We are gearing up for a fun 4th of July celebration at our house. The kids are getting excited to have the grandparents here, plus we are celebrating a couple birthdays that are this coming week (my youngest daughter and me)! It should be fun. I was able to get some reading done this week, […]

Encouraging the Entrepreneur in Our Children!

Lauren's Courage cover

One of the many things that I love about homeschooling is that it allows your children to spend lots of time developing their interests. Then it is fun when they take it a step further and begin sharing their talents and gifts with others! Whenever I hear of other families who encourage the same thing […]

Free Ebook: Simply Cursive (Monthly Freebie)


Just a quick note to let you know that I added a new monthly freebie to my site! This month’s freebie is my ebook, Simply Cursive. Each month I plan on rotating between homemaking type books and homeschooling type books. Hopefully there will be something here for everyone to enjoy! Go to the Current Freebie […]

NEW! Gluten-Free Bread Recipe Ebook by Erica Greene

I Cant Believe Its Not Bread - 2

Have you been looking for a good gluten-free bread recipe? A recipe that makes you say, “I can’t believe it’s not bread!” Well, look no further! Erica Greene (daughter of Martha Greene) shares her recipes and tips to make three different versions of her gluten-free bread – a “just like white” version, a “just like […]

The Christian life isn’t about me — It’s about Christ in me!

The Christian life isn't about me -- It's about Christ in me!

The Christian life isn’t about me. It’s about Christ in me. These are the words I woke up to this morning as the radio turned on to tell me it was time to get up. These are the very words that have been on my lips and in my heart over the past couple days […]

3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week - 06-24

It has been a good week! I spent all day yesterday doing homeschool planning for next year. Today I plan on trying to finish things up as much as I can. It always feels good to get that planning done and then I can enjoy the rest of the summer! The days here in Kansas […]

Cash Envelope System (FREE Printables!)

Cash Envelope System (Free Printables)

I have a wonderful freebie for you — print your very own Cash Envelope System! All you need are some small envelopes (#6 envelopes) and a printer! This freebie includes 23 different labeled envelope templates you can use “as is” or use the additional editable templates and type in your own labels! Thanks goes to Lori […]

Intentional Planner Files Updated + Free Photography eBook + Free Menu Planning eBook + more!


THE INTENTIONAL PLANNER MEMBERSHIP SITE UPDATES! I worked hard this week and was able to get all the files updated on The Intentional Planner Membership Site! I added some new covers, new monthly calendars for 2016, and updated many of the forms so that you can type in the current “year” yourself! If you are […]

2 Books I Finished This Week, 1 Book I Did NOT Finish + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week - 06-10

It has been a somewhat crazy week! Whew! My father and mother-in-law will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday and my husband and I are planning a fun surprise celebration for them at our house on Saturday. So this week has been busy getting all the details worked out for that. Then on […]

3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week - 06-03

I missed posting my reading progress last week because it was a crazy week and I didn’t get much reading done. This week was a little better and I was able to get in more reading time. For those that have been praying for my Dad, I am excited to report that he is recovering […]

Setting up your mornings for success!


Have you ever wondered how others seem to make time for exercise, prayer, Bible reading, planning, crafting or blogging every single day – when you’re just hanging on by a thread to get the kids fed and in clean clothes?  If you have wondered how they seem to find 36 hours within a 24-hour period […]