HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 1-The Law {Now Available!} + FREE PDF Download!

Today I am excited to officially announce the completion of HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 1-Law!

HIStory: The Reader's Bible @ www.SheriGraham.com

First, I want to thank all of you on my newsletter list who responded with your own personal thoughts on this project. I appreciate each one and want to personally thank you for taking the time to email me.

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 1 – Law is now available! I got my proof copy on Friday and wanted to give it a try before making it available for sale on Amazon. I spent some time Friday and Saturday reading and couldn’t believe how much I read in that short amount of time. I was able to read over halfway through Genesis! It really did help having the larger font and line spacing, and no other distractions on the page. I could simply read and enjoy God’s Word without all the extra things that tend to make me lose focus.

Click on over to the HIStory: The Reader’s Bible page for details on Vol. 1 and complete details on how this whole project got started.

Guess what? I am offering the PDF files of The Reader’s Bible volumes as free downloads! Head on over and download the PDF file for Vol. 1 now!

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I am so excited to announce this brand new product by Crystal at Money Saving Mom — Grocery University!

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A Notebooking Resource I Use Again and Again + Special Sale!

I am excited to re-introduce to you an ebook that was one of my first to publish: Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject!

Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject!

Way back in 2006, I created this ebook filled with planning pages and notebooking pages to be used to create a “Learning Portfolio” on any subject. I decided it was time to spruce up the cover (yes this is a new cover!) and do a post about it again! Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject is a resource for the whole family.

Even in misbehavior, I can call out the image of God in my child by seeing and calling out the skills God gave. Identifying these gifts not only connects with your child’s heart but is a key way to turn discipline situations into discipleship opportunities. So our work as parents is less about learning the right scripts and more about relentlessly nurturing a vision for God’s purposes in our children.

My 10 Goals For This Week {8/11/14}

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t even come close to completing all my goals last week, but that’s ok!

10 Goals For This Week @ SheriGraham.com

Even though I didn’t get many of my goals completed, we had a fun week! It seemed that most of the week was taken up working on the western video the kids put together. You can read all about that here and watch it too! I also just spent some time trying to rest and preparing myself for beginning another homeschool year. The summer seemed to fly by way too fast and I needed some time to refocus and recharge for another new year!

Now for my goals for this week…

What my kids (and I) were up to last week: A video treat for you!

As I have shared before, my kids love to dress up. Well, this week they all put their heads together and came up with this video.

My kids love to watch videos and read about the Wild West. In fact, we will be studying the American Revolution and Westward Expansion this year and they are so excited!  This video was born out of their love for this period in history. My oldest daughter had off work this past week, so she headed this project up herself and got my three youngest children involved.