2 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week - 04-01

It has been a good week and the weather here in Kansas has been beautiful! The grass is turning green, the flowers are coming up, our fruit trees are blooming. I just love this time of year! I was able to finish up two books this week and have a bunch more I am reading. […]

The Ultimate DIY Bundle {Special Flash Sale March 30-April 1!}


A few months ago, I told you about this Ultimate DIY Bundle when it was available for sale. I purchased the set and was so excited about all the fun DIY type ebooks and courses included! Well, guess what?  They decided to offer this DIY Bundle again, but for 2 days only! I love doing […]

1 Book I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week - 03-25

Last week was a little crazy for me as I was over at my in-laws most all day every day helping my father-in-law. But I was able to get a little reading done and my Bible study while I was there, so I was happy about that. The Bible study I am going through, You […]

Confessions of a Prodigal Son – Now on DVD!

Confessions of a Prodigal

I am so excited to announce the release of Confessions of a Prodigal Son on DVD! This is a movie written by Nathan Clarkson, son of Clay and Sally Clarkson. Nathan plays the lead roll opposite Kevin Sorbo. Nathan’s wife, Rachael, also stars in the movie. I have heard so many exciting things about this […]

Language Lessons {a favorite homeschool resource + some homeschool planning tips}

Language Lessons for the Very Young

I have been homeschooling now for over 15 years and have used many different curriculum resources for language arts. Today I wanted to talk about one that we are using this year and it has been a perfect fit for us – Queen Homeschool’s Language Lessons series. Quite a few years ago I used this […]

3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week!

Books Read This Week - 03-18

I am really enjoying all the books I have read by Chautona Havig. One of the reasons I think I am enjoying them so much is that I am in a somewhat stressful season of life right now with all my children still home and my husband’s father needing extra help with medical issues right […]

A Little of Everything {my life, THM recipes to try, new book to read, math, keeping journals, and more!}


I was trying to figure out what to write about today and had lots of things running through my head to share. So this is going to be a hodge podge of sharing a peek into what is going on in my life, some online fun and recommendations, and more. I hope you enjoy something […]

Brand new softcover books: Draw & Write – A Gratitude Journal for Children

Draw & Write - A Gratitude Journal for Children

Guess what? The other two brand new softcover books are now available on Amazon! See all the details below… The Draw & Write – A Gratitude Journal for Children (girl version) is a unique journal that allows your child to journal 1000 things they are thankful for, as well as providing a place on each page […]

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 2 Available + FREE PDF file to download!


It’s here! HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 2 is now available! This is the largest volume so far, with 684 pages, and covers Joshua to Esther. If you are not familiar with this series, you can see all the details on the HIStory: The Reader’s Bible page. There will be 6 volumes in the series […]

1 Book I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week

It seems like the week has flown by, again! The weather here has been beautiful so we have enjoyed doing some things outside. I did get some reading time in and finished up one book this week. My goal is to finish two books this coming week! As always, we continue to enjoy our read […]

Vanilla Cake: 9×13 Cake Using Master Mix! {THM:FP}

Vanilla Cake (9x13-inch) - THM:FP

I had several ask for directions to make a larger cake using the Vanilla Cake Master Mix, so over the weekend I did some experimenting! Vanilla Cake: 9×13-inch (THM:FP) 2 cups Vanilla Cake Master Mix 2 2/3 cups egg whites 1 T. vanilla 2 t. butter extract Mix all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Pour […]

Teaching Children Language Arts the Natural Way

Teaching Children Language Arts the Natural Way

There is a temptation to push our children too early, wanting them to excel, but in the process discouraging them and extinguishing their love of learning.  You want your children to love learning, to desire to learn more, to be excited about the learning process, but just don’t know how to go about doing that. […]

1 Book I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Books Read This Week {03.04.15)

Well, I only finished one book this past week and it was one I actually wasn’t planning on reading. I think you are going to start seeing one of my weaknesses…I start reading lots of books and then have a hard time finishing them! As you can see below, I have quite a few books […]

Deals, Fun Stuff, Worship – for your Friday!


Today I thought it would be fun to do a post with a variety of fun stuff for you…enjoy! Today only (2/27/15) you can get Rosetta Stone for 61% OFF on Amazon! My kids LOVE these Mathtacular DVDs! If you are looking for something “different” for math, take a look at these! You can get […]

Old Books + Family History

Old Books + Family History

Ok, I’ll admit it…I LOVE books! My husband always kids me saying that all our wall space is taken with bookshelves (and he actually isn’t kidding)! When we moved into our current house almost 8 years ago, I was so pleased to see one wall in the dining room had a huge built-in bookshelf. Yeah! […]