Teaching Your Kids About Good Health Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Teaching our kids about how to live a healthy lifestyle is probably something we ALL have on our “to do” list, but realistically rarely get around to. Sure our kids learn through real life and watching what we do, but when we want to teach them more or we personally want to learn more as well, it is nice to have good resources to use. That is why I wanted to share with you some great resources you can use with your kids!

We are living in a time where it has never been more important to be taking care of our health. With threats of more pandemics, constant pollutants bombarding our bodies every day, and food sources that continue to deteriorate, we need to do all we can to build our immune systems, to put our body in a state of health instead of a state of disease.

One thing that I have learned over the past year is that I need to focus more on creating good healthy habits and less on trying to avoid disease. As I make healthy changes to my lifestyle, and as my body gets stronger, I won’t have to worry so much about what is happening in my environment and what I am exposed to. There are so many spiritual applications to this too, but I won’t get into that here (maybe later in future blog posts).

The most important area of our lives is our personal relationship with Jesus. How is our spiritual health? Then after that comes our physical health. How can we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others if we are unhealthy, sick, and tired? While Jesus does not promise us good health, I do believe that Jesus wants us to take care of the temples He has given us to the best of our ability. I want to write more on this in the days ahead. But for now, I encourage you to start thinking about what you can do to strengthen your walk with Jesus and also strengthen your physical health. Maybe some of the following resources will help you get started down the path focusing on your physical health!


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Intro to Herbalism – Have you ever wanted to learn more about herbalism…but didn’t know where to start? This brand new, 40-page guide by Earthley is just what you need! It’s just the basics…what you really need to know now to get started using basic herbs in your home. Learn about the herbs in your backyard, basic preparation methods, herbal safety, and try one (or all!) of the 5 included recipes.

This guide includes discussion questions and suggestions for further research, and can be used as a homeschool curriculum for middle or high school students.

Herb Garden Unit Study – This digital book will teach young students the ‘how’ of gardening: all those nitty-gritty details about when to plant, how and when to fertilize, companion plants to avoid bugs, and more. It will also encourage them to investigate gardening even further on their own through questions and little experiments.

Good for ages 6 – 8 to 13. (Must be able to read to do it independently.) Younger kids may enjoy parts of it with help, and older kids new to gardening may also like it.

Spring Garden Unit Study – The beginning of health is diet…and there’s no better place to create a healthy diet than in your own garden! Earthley’s new Spring Garden Unit Study helps connect health, gardening, and education by teaching kids about 5 popular backyard garden plants, encouraging them to research further, and showing them how to successfully plant their own gardens. Grab this 40-page guide and enjoy hands-on learning!

Good for ages 6 – 8 to 13. (Must be able to read to do it independently.) Younger kids may enjoy parts of it with help, and older kids new to gardening may also like it.

Real Food Real Nutrition – Kids need to know where their food comes from – and why real, unprocessed food matters to their long-term health. Real Nutrition, Real Food is a homeschool health curriculum on exactly that. It is a 94 page ebook and it covers:

  • GMOs
  • Real vs. processed foods
  • The sugar industry
  • Antibiotics in farm animals
  • Why choose organic
  • Pesticides and herbicides in farming
  • Benefits of healthy foods (several categories)
  • …and more!

The chapters begin with a short story that relates to the topic, making it relatable for kids. It’s followed by short sections of the history or science behind the issue, as well as discussion questions, suggestions for further research, and videos to watch. It’s an all-in-one health and nutrition curriculum from an all-natural perspective!

Herbal Flashcards – Begin to study herbalism yourself with Earthley’s Herbal Flash Cards! These flash cards are designed to teach herbal basics to people of all ages. They are as versatile as possible, accommodating several different learning styles. Earthley’s Herbal Flashcards can benefit you if you are studying herbs for leisure or adding them to your homeschooling curriculum.

There are four sets of cards to ensure the flash cards can be used for independent or group learning as well as playing games — they’ve included several game suggestions in this packet. Additionally, these flashcards come with an Herbal Flash Card Cheat Sheet, which has all the cards and answers beautifully illustrated to make studying independently easier by folding the page in half. You can even use the cheat sheet when quizzing your kids.


  • How to identify 36 popular herbs
  • Common and Latin names
  • Key benefits of each herb
  • Best uses for each herb

Learn to Homestead: Wild Berries – Kids need life skills that matter — how to take care of themselves no matter what happens in the world. That’s why I am so excited about this new series by Earthley! Learn to Homestead: Wild Berries is just the first unit study in their new Learn to Homestead Unit Study series. Every book will have its own theme, and within that theme, they’ll teach five projects:

  • Growing or foraging
  • Cooking
  • Preserving
  • Sewing
  • Medicine-making

Each section is developed to be able to accommodate many ages and skill levels. In addition to 5 hands-on projects, you’ll find suggestions for further research, discussion questions, writing prompts, art projects, and more. This is a multi-disciplinary approach to life skills, making it a nearly complete curriculum.


Trim Healthy You is a health and nutrition curriculum created by Trim Healthy Mama to teach children and teens the skills to help them become the healthiest they can be now and for the rest of their lives. Providing scientific information, Biblical references and practical how to’s in a fun and approachable way, students will be empowered with knowledge to help make their own choices when it comes to better nutrition. Each level includes exclusive recipes and age appropriate exercise ideas, along with hands on activities to appeal to every type of learner. The Trim Healthy You mission is for each child to have vibrant health for life!


Strategies for Health – This isn’t really a curriculum or a book geared toward children, but it is such a good resource I wanted to mention it here. At the very least, this is a great resource for you to read through and then share things with your kids as you learn yourself. It is a HUGE book full of great information to help you look at health in a different way. I highly recommend it!

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