Truth Matters Conference 2022 – A Must Watch!

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Truth Matters Conference 2022: Recovering a Biblical Worldview

The Truth Matters Conference took place May 18-20, 2022 at the Ark Encounter facilities. This is a conference that takes place every few years organized by Pastor John McArthur and the Grace To You ministries.

In a day where many claim there is no absolute truth, this is a message that is needed today. Truth does matter.

Gender identity. Critical race theory. Intersectionality. Social justice.

There is no ignoring these issues. In academia, politics, the media, entertainment, advertising, social media—everywhere you turn, the influence of these philosophies and movements is inescapable.

Not only is the culture around us being swayed by the latest destructive fads of worldly wisdom, but the church is showing herself susceptible to the effects of these ideologies too. What can you do—what should you do—to honor Christ, strengthen your church, and protect your family from these current spiritual attacks? How can you as a Christian think biblically about what’s going on in the world?

I have watched Day 1 and part of Day 2 so far and it is excellent. Please take the time to watch and absorb what is being shared. Our world, and even the church at large, has so far strayed from the Truth in the Bible. It isn’t popular. It isn’t politically correct. But it is God’s Word. It is Truth that points us to Jesus.

Please watch!

Day 1

  • General Session #1 – John MacArthur
  • General Session #2 – Ken Ham
  • General Session #3 – Q&A w/ John MacArthur, Ken Ham, and Mike Riccardi
  • General Session #4 – Don Green

Day 2

  • General Session #5 – Phil Johnson
  • General Session #6 – Jeff Williams
  • General Session #7 – Q&A w/ John MacArthur, Owen Strachan, and Darrell Harrison
  • General Session #8 – Mike Riccardi

Day 3

  • General Session #9 – Owen Strachan
  • General Session #10 – Justin Peters
  • General Session #11 – Q&A w/ John MacArthur, Don Green, and Justin Peters
  • General Session #12 – John MacArthur

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