Using Living Books for Science

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Quark Chronicles

If you have been reading here on my blog for any length of time, you know how much I love reading. You also know what a big part reading plays in our homeschooling. Well, besides reading tons of great books that cover literature and history, I love to include living books for science as well.

I have experienced personally how much historical information my kids retain just from reading great history books, so why wouldn’t it work for science too?

I am really excited about this brand new series called The Quark Chronicles. They currently have the first volume on Botany completed, with more in the works!

As I have been looking over all the bundles in the huge Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale going on this week, I was excited to see that this book was included in the Charlotte Mason Bundle, along with some other great books I would love to have. This Botany book alone is valued at $15, and the whole bundle is marked down to only $49!


Click here to see more details about The Quark Chronicles, as well as information on the whole Charlotte Mason Bundle.

I know I have been posting about this sale a lot, but if you are a homeschooler, you really need to check it out. You can get huge discounts on some really awesome curriculum! They are even offering a buy 2 get one free deal where if you buy 2 bundles you get the 3rd one free!

Remember, if you aren’t ready to make a purchase yet, you can simply enter your email here and they will send you a quick email before the sale ends to remind you.

Have a blessed day!

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