Word Family Readers (an honest review)

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Word Family Readers

I have a son who is still struggling with his reading. So when I ran across Word Family Readers and took a quick glance at their free sample packet, I knew I wanted to give it a try!

My son is a very visual and hands-on learner, so I was praying that these reading materials would help him. I loved all the pretty charts and cards that were included!

Word Family Readers

There are letter picture cards that you can use to drill the letter sounds. The pictures help them remember the sound, while seeing the letter at the same time. Once you feel they are ready, you can move onto cards with no pictures to make sure they really know them.

Learning the letter names and sounds is the first step before really jumping into the books. But once your child is ready, you start with Book 1. Each book has a set of cards and activities that you work through to help your child learn how to read the words for that book, review previously learned words, learn how to spell the words, and write the words.

Once your child has mastered reading that book, you move on to Book 2.

Word Family Readers

My son loved playing this fun game. You use the word picture cards (then eventually the word cards with no pictures) for this game. You time your child (I did 10 seconds), and you see how many words they can read before time is up. They get to advance their token one space for each word read.

It was funny, because no one was playing against my son, it was just him. But he loved the challenge of trying to read as many as he could each time.

Word Family Readers

This curriculum comes with a ton of neat charts for vowels, blends, r-controlled sounds, and more. I couldn’t believe how much is included!

Word Family Readers – Printable Curriculum

Since Word Family Readers curriculum is totally downloadable and printable, you don’t have to worry about ruining anything. Let your kids work through, play, and USE the materials and simply print more if needed.

HUGE FREE SAMPLE! –> If you want to give Word Family Readers a try, you can download all the materials you need for Book 1 for free here!

Word Family Readers – App on iOS

That’s right! You can purchase the Word Family Readers App, available for iOS only at this time. The App looks amazing, but I do not have any iOS devices that I could try it on. But if you do, I highly recommend giving the App a look! I think you can try it for 30 days free! I believe the App is the total Word Family Readers curriculum, but done digitally.

What I Love About Word Family Readers (Printable Curriculum)

I thought I would close this by sharing how Word Family Readers is working for my son. So far he is loving it!

I think the extra visuals and hands on activities are helping him remember what he has learned.

The variety of activities makes learning fun and allows for lots of review and practice without seeming boring (to me and to my son)!

I love that I can print out what I need, when I need it. I don’t have to worry about losing something or tearing it. If it gets messed up, I simply print another copy!

My son seems to be making some good progress which says a lot (since I have tried many other reading curriculum). He is pretty much done with Book 1 and we will probably be moving on to Book 2 next week.

If you want to check out Word Family Readers, go over to their site today! The authors are super friendly and helpful and their heart is to have your children succeed at reading.


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