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I thought it would be fun to do a “Peek Into My Life” post to start off the week. It is supposed to rain all week here in Kansas, so it will be a great week to get in our last week of homeschool until we break for the summer. I have been busy planning for the new school year, trying to get in more reading time with the kids, and having fun playing around a little in the kitchen with some Trim Healthy Mama recipes (more on that later!).


On these beautiful springs days, the kids have enjoyed going outside in the back yard and playing baseball (plastic bats and balls of course). They have spend many hours outside getting some exercise and enjoying the nice weather.


Here is a fun picture my oldest daughter took of her four younger siblings one day when they were outside playing baseball.

The Intentional Bible Study Journal

I have really been enjoying my study through 1 and 2 Peter and am about ready to start a new study. My plan is to study through 1 & 2 John next. I’ll get that reading schedule up here on my blog soon! Using my new Intentional Bible Study Journal has been such a blessing to me and has helped me stay focused on studying the Bible each day.


Over this past weekend, my youngest daughter bought herself a new doll with some of her money she has saved up. She just LOVES her new doll because it is life-size — about the size of a newborn baby — and loves dressing it in her newborn diapers and baby clothes.  She has another doll that she loves to play with too, and now she is so excited to have two babies to care for. She is so fun to watch and she makes quite a good little mommy! I had crocheted a baby blanket for her other baby, so I told her I would make another blanket for her new baby. She was so excited! I am hoping to finish it up today so she can start using it.

cover-July 2015-December 2016 - small

Over the past month or so, I have been doing some thinking and praying about how I want to proceed in the future with my Intentional Planner website. It is a lot of work each year to update everything and I am praying about whether I am going to be able to continue. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but I will be sure to let you know as soon as I have made my decision. But one exciting project I have been working on is a basic monthly planning calendar that can be used for your home or homeschool.

I was actually wanting a basic calendar to use myself for homeschool, so I created this one. It has each month on a two-page spread, with an area for to-do’s, goals, and notes, along the edges. Then at the end of the calendar pages, I have created a bunch of blank lined pages to use for writing down field trips, books read, curriculum used, or whatever notes I want to include. My plan is to use one of these calendars for each of my children, so I can write in each day what we did. I think I am going to have my oldest child schedule his own days and see how that goes! I have ordered some proof copies for myself and once I get those and approve them, these calendars will be available to purchase on Amazon for only $4.99! I’ll post here on my blog when they are ready to order!


We love burning candles in our home, and one night my kids noticed a heart in the wax and took a picture!


My youngest loves to play with Legos. We found some Lego videos on Youtube that show different kits and some also go through and show how to put together different things. My son loves to watch the videos and then tries to make what he sees. He has come up with all kinds of little cars, 4-wheelers, and other neat creations.


This is the box of books that I ordered for next year. This isn’t everything, but I decided to get most of it together so when I get ready to make out my lesson plans I will have it all in one place. Yeah!


As I shared above, I have been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. I am experimenting with a baking mix that I can use to make breads, muffins, or whatever I want. Since oat fiber is so cheap to buy (and it is FP!), and since coconut flour and almond flour are so expensive to buy, I wanted to make a baking mix that incorporated a lot of oat fiber to help make the mix cheaper to use. But I also wanted something that would be versatile enough to use in a variety of recipes.

I am still experimenting with this, but will post the recipe as soon as I feel it is ready. This morning I made some Peanut Butter Muffins (picture above). They turned out really good. I loved the texture of the muffins, but next time I am adding a bit more sweetener and some salt to increase the peanut flavor.

THM has recently come out with their own THM Baking Blend that has been getting excellent reviews! If you don’t want to mess with making your own baking mix, go buy some THM Baking Blend instead!


Well, I think that is enough for today! I hope you have a blessed day and enjoy every moment with your family!

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  1. i'm waiting for the peanut butter muffin recipe.... i'm game for anything with peanut butter in it! i'm still trying to like the taste of things made with oat fiber though. to me they are a bit more different in taste and texture than something made with almond flour.

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