Our Science Studies for 2013-2014

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Our Science Studies 2013-2014

Yesterday I shared what my plans are for history next year. Now I want to share what we will be studying for science!

Just like I did with our history studies, I made a 4-year rotation for our science studies (you can see that below). This year we will be studying Biology, Classification, and the Human Body. I love that this goes right along with our history studies. My prayer is that I will give my kids a good solid foundation in Biblical history and science.

Below I am going to list the resources I plan on using, as well as give a sample of our schedule. Enjoy!

The 4-Year Rotation:

Year 1 – Biology, Classification, Human Body – This is what we will be studying this coming year.

Year 2 – Earth Science, Astronomy

Year 3 – Chemistry

Year 4 – Physics, Computer Science

Spine I Will Use:

It Couldn’t Just Happen – We will be reading through this as our “spine”.

Videos to Watch:

Biology 101 DVDs – 9 segments

Body of Evidence DVD series – 8 DVDs

The Newton’s Workshop – The Name Game/As the World Spins

The Newton’s Workshop – World Building 101/The Germinators

The Newton’s Workshop – The DNA Encoders/The Pollution Solution

The Newton’s Workshop – The Bug Safari/The Cell-a-bration

Moody Science Adventures – 3 DVDs

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution – Vol. 1 

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Icons of Evolution

Moody Science DVDs – 19 dvds OR watch here free

God of Wonders OR watch here free

The Privileged Planet

Your Backyard-Birds

Your Backyard-Monarch

Experiments & Projects to Do:

Genesis for Kids – I went through the book and made a list of experiments and will incorporate them into our studies throughout the year.

Layers of Learning – (I will choose some of the projects from Unit 1.1 and Unit 1.2 this year.)

Games to Play:

Some Body – Since we are studying Biology I thought this game would be a fun one to help the kids learn human anatomy.

Sampling of our schedule:

I used the chapter outlines in It Couldn’t Just Happen and then added to it a list of all the resources I had that I wanted to use, putting them into the right places in the order we will study. I didn’t include everything for these three “sections” below, but I wanted you to get the idea of how I did it. We will start each section reading the chapter out of It Couldn’t Just Happen. Then we will simply work our way down the list, crossing each item off as they are done. How much we will do each day depends on what we are doing and how long it takes.

Just a little tip: As I did with our history schedule, I typed our science schedule up in Google Drive so that I could access it from any computer. I included in my lists links to any websites that we are going to use and links to any online videos we are going to watch. That way I can plug one of our laptops into our TV, pull up my science schedule, and click on the link to go to the site for the day. Easy! Plus the kids love seeing things on the TV instead of the little computer screen.  Ok…here is a sampling of what our science schedule looks like…

1.  The Universe and Its Origins

Read this chapter in It Couldn’t Just Happen

VIDEO – Watch The Privileged Planet DVD (60 min.)

2.  Dead Planets, Living World

Read this chapter in It Couldn’t Just Happen

VIDEO – Watch Moody – God of the Atom (28 min.)

Planets Coloring Book – https://www.layers-of-learning.com/planets-coloring-book/

VIDEO – Watch Planet videos and songs here

3.  The “Odd” Planet

Read this chapter in It Couldn’t Just Happen

VIDEO – Watch Newton’s Workshop – The Name Game/As the World Spins (56 min.)


I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peak into our science studies for next year. Tomorrow I will be sharing some thoughts on our daily schedule!

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  1. Sheri, Thanks for posting this. Reading this makes me long for the days when I used to do this. I planned things out just like you're doing, and got excited about the opportunities. But educating one child made it not as much fun as it looks. Now I have a ninth grader and a 5 year old. So, 2 only children! I'm going to follow your posts in hopes that they will help rekindle the joy I used to have in creating a school plan. thanks for continuing to share!
    1. Dear Beth, Go easy on yourself. In the past I always had these big plans with lots of curriculum at times. I thought it all sounded fun and exciting, but ended up being a lot of work and it just didn't fit. For our history and science I took what works for our family (lots of read-alouds and videos) and created our studies around that. Because my kids learn well that way, I already had a ton of resources on our shelves I could use. I wanted some sort of spine for each to use as a guide, and then I went from there. We'll see how it goes. I am hoping that creating the schedule the way I did, with just a list of things to do in order, that there won't be the stress of getting a certain amount done each day. We can flow with our lives, with the kids' interests, and just work through our studies one item at a time. (That is my "cross items off a list" personality coming through!). I just want to encourage you Beth. Hang in there and seek the Lord for your homoeschool. He will guide you to a plan this will work for you and for your kids, a way for you to enjoy your children and help them enjoy each other. I'll be praying for you...will you pray for me as well? We so much need the encouragement of other moms..lifting one another up in prayer. Have a great day!

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