A Peek Into My Week: Crocheting, homeschool planning, a new book, a new THM recipe, and a giveaway!

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It has kind of been a crazy week and so I thought today I would give you a quick peek into my week.

Crocheted Dishcloths

My dad had surgery on Tuesday, so as I sat in the waiting room with my mom, I did some crocheting. I worked on a dishcloth (like the ones above). I love these dishcloths and they go together so easy. Crocheting is very therapeutic for me! You can find the pattern for these dishcloths here! (By the way, my dad came through surgery and is doing very well at home recovering!)


Another thing I did while I was waiting at the hospital was go through all the curriculum available in the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale and decide what I wanted to buy for next year. I ended up buying the Copywork Bundle and then I Built My Own Bundle with items I wanted from different bundles. Here are the books I ordered in that bundle:

  • Frank Webster Adventure Audiobook Collection 1 – I am really excited about these audiobooks by Uncle Rick. The kids are going to have so much fun listening to these!
  • The Children’s Character Building Collection (11 ebooks in this set) – I am always looking for good books for the kids to read. I will be adding these to the list for my older ones to read on their own.
  • Quark Chronicles – Botany – I plan on reading this one aloud to the kids – more living science books!
  • Teaching Science and Having Fun – I added this book at the last minute, but it looked like it may have a ton of great information about teaching science (which I need a little more help in!).
  • Large Family Homeschooling – I have been wanting to read this book by my friend, Amy, for quite a while now. Now I can!
  • Math Essentials – Geometry – I have several of the Math Essentials books and so far we have liked them. I went ahead and picked up this one since it is an ebook and we will be able to use it for multiple kids.
  • Fine Art Pages Collections 2 – I already have Collection 1 of these art pages and was excited to get Collection 2.
  • Using Nature Study – Nature Journals -and Poetry Through the Year – This one I am REALLY excited about! I am always looking for ways to get more science in and this will be a great resource.
  • Knights and Nobles Unit Study – We will be studying the Middle Ages as part of our history next year, so I thought this would be fun to add to our study.
  • Mega History-Themed Coloring Book – This is an amazing set of history themed coloring books. Not only are there fun pictures for the kids to color, but there are short descriptions for copywork too!

If you are still looking for some things for your homeschool next year, do take some time to check out this huge sale. It is crazy what the prices are!


Look what came in the mail today — the proof copy of my brand new softcover book, Intentional Prayer Journal! Once I get it checked through to make sure it all looks good, I will be getting it up for sale on Amazon. Yeah! (Look below for details on winning a copy of this book!)


We started reading A Girl of the Limberlost this week in our read-aloud time in the afternoon. So far we are really enjoying it. As I shared before, I am reading out of an original copy, dated 1909, so it is a little fragile. The other day when I was reading, I came to a page that had been torn out. Thankfully I had this book in my Read-Aloud Treasury Character Building set on Kindle so we were able to fill in reading the page that was missing from the book!


I made this delicious Caramel Brownie Pie over last weekend and wow! You have to give this a try. The combination of the fudge pie and then the caramel sauce on top was just amazing. It was delicious and you couldn’t even tell it was good for you! For you THM readers, this is an S dessert.

Before I give the details on the giveaway, I just wanted to close with a bit of encouragement. I was listening to a radio show on Tuesday when I was on my way to the hospital and they were talking about whether we are living our lives with questions marks or exclamation points. If we are living with question marks, we are always doubting and asking why when things happen. If we are living with exclamation points we are focusing on the truth – that we serve a risen Savior, that our sins are forgiven, that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us, etc. I don’t know about you, but I find myself living with question marks way too often. I want to start living with exclamation points! How about you?


I thought it would be fun to celebrate my brand new book with a giveaway! I will be giving away 1 copy of my brand new softcover book, Intentional Prayer Journal. (Note: Due to shipping costs, I can only offer this to those within the US.)

To enter the giveaway:  Simply leave a comment on this blog post – that’s it!

The giveaway ends midnight CST Sunday night, May 31, 2015, so go ahead and leave a comment now before you forget!

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  1. Glad to hear that your dad is doing well! The caramel brownie pie will be coming with m to a potluck wrap-up of my ladies study of 1000 Gifts on Tuesday night. Cannot wait to taste it!
  2. When my Granny passed away in December, I received all her crafting stuff. This includes a lot of crocheting items. I am going to try to learn how to crochet and finish some of the projects she didn't. I've still got some practice but I've found it very calming and relaxing.
  3. The Intentional Prayer Journal looks like a great resource. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you to bless others and encourage them to grow in Him. ☺
  4. Sounds like you have some good ideas homeschooling. My sister also homeschooled her kids. Thanks for the new book. Julie
  5. Just got my copy of your Intentional Monthly Planner!! Yay! Thanks for giving us a peak into your week. Hope your Dad continues to heal well.
  6. I will definitely have to try the brownie recipe. I have always really enjoyed the recipes that I try from you.
  7. I'm glad your dad came through surgery fine and is home recovering. Thanks for sharing this prayer journal with us.
  8. That pie looks incredibly divine! I'm going to have to try that out for sure!
  9. Your blog inspires me. The prayer journal looks fabulous.
  10. I love your chrocheting! I wish you would have had this blog back when I was homeschooling my kids! :)
  11. I love your blog!!! I crochet dish rags as well and I agree it is therapeutic. I also quilt whenever I can.
  12. I love your website! I especially felt God speaking to me thru your rief discussion about living life with a ? or !!!! Life has been extremely stressful with difficulties with a son struggling with addiction. He is young still (17) but almost an adult as far as the Court system goes. He does have the Lord in his life, so I know he can do this!!! Trouble with school, law (DUI), extreme difficulty in our family's financial situation for the past several yrs., another family member struggling with addiction that affects all of us, a death in family after long illness (my mom), marriage difficulties, and now a flooded basement. But, it could be worse! God is with us and we see small miracles daily! God has control. Thank you for your site. I'd love to win the prayer giveaway.
  13. Glad to hear your dad is recovering well. Congratulations on your new book! It looks great!
  14. I was looking for THM recipes and ran across your blog just today. I feel like I'm reading about myself...I serve a living Savior, I love to crochet, I home school, and I'm really trying to switch to THM eating. I really look forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks!
  15. Pretty dishcloths. The pie looks delicious. Good luck with your book.
  16. I can't wait to try your recipe. I went to the link to look at the planner, however, I am so picky about how planners look. I was disappointed to see that on the site selling them there is no picture of the inside pages of the planner. I would suggest adding that. Surely I am not the only one interested in that. :)
  17. Thanks for listing the items you found for the Build Your Own Bundle. I missed a couple that look good.
  18. Thanks for your informative post. I am glad your dad is doing well. How do you find a pattern for those dishcloths and what type of yarn should I use? I haven't crocheted since I was a kid but my grandmother made some dishcloths like that for my mom and me before she passed away so I would love to teach my daughter how to do it also. If I go to a craft store I will buy a whole book on crochet and too many supplies. I just need a simple pattern and list of supplies. Do you have a website or something that has this? Thanks.
  19. Congratulations on your new book, "Intentional Prayer Journal." It seems like a great way to help guide prayers in a more thoughtful and focused way. Perhaps a thoughtful prayer life, along with a thoughtful bible study, can help us all have lives that are exclamation points instead of question marks. That is where I want to be. Glad to hear your father is doing better. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
  20. Hello Sheri! How are you doing? I'm still waiting for the rest of the HiStory volumes;-). They go really well with "Unlocking The Bible " bienelyn@yahoo.com David Pawson. You should check it out -https://davidpawson.org/resources/resource/1183 .
  21. Wow, love this post! Looks like so much fun. I can't wait to start homeschooling my kido. He's only 1 though lol so I'll have to wait a few years. Also, I have no idea how you find the time to do all that you do!
  22. Sherri: I am sorry to hear that your father has been ill. I am also glad that he is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers. You really have been busy. I am glad that you were able to get some things from the sale. I am sure your children will enjoy the books you bought. I love your dish cloths. My husband won't use them here. He uses them for potholders but they are not thick enough for that. I love your books and would be thrilled to win your new book. Have a good weekend. Jackie
  23. I'm so glad your dad came through surgery OK, Sherri! I need to start living my life with more exclamation points,too. Your crocheted dish cloths are so very pretty. Bet they make doing dishes much more fun. :o)) Thanks so much for the give away!! Bettie
  24. I love the crocheting squares they are very colorful. I love the rainbow color. I like the journal giveaway I hope it does well we need more journals like this.
  25. I love the colors you chose for your dishcloths. I bought crochet needles while I was basically on bed rest with my pregnancy but haven't touched them since Baby was born. :(

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