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If you have been reading my blog for long, you know how much Trim Healthy Mama has meant to me. Over the past couple years, this way of eating has really taken off!

Trim Healthy Mama Free Printables

I also know how easy it is to get overwhelmed when you are first starting out. You buy the book (which is a huge book jam packed with information) and feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn and implement.

There have been so many who have tried to help by creating free Trim Healthy Mama printables, menu plans, guides, etc. While all of these resources are not officially “Trim Healthy Mama” endorsed, they have been made by those following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating.

Please understand that these resources are only intended to help you as you wade your way through the Trim Healthy Mama book. Always use the information in the book and the Trim Healthy Mama website as the basis for all your decisions, using these resources as added helps.

Sugar-Free with Sheri

I have gathered links to as many printable forms and helps that I could find online and have grouped them by topic below. If you know of any other free printables that could be included here, just leave me the link in the comments section and I will add it.

Are you ready? Take some time to browse all these wonderful THM resources!

THM Guides & Helps

THM Quick Start Guide (free printable)

Free Non-Starchy & Starchy Vegetable Guide

Food Log (free printable)

Measuring Your Body Weight Loss Chart

Menu Planning Forms

Blank Editable Recipe Cards – 1, 2 & 4 Card Versions (free printable)

THM Friendly Editable Menu Planner – 15 Styles (free printable)

Menu Planner Printable – from Gwen’s Nest

Weekly THM Menu Form

Favorite THM Meals Forms (free printable)

Meal Planning 101 with Printable Menu Planner Form

THM Binder Printables

Free THM Binder Printables

THM Binder Pages to Print

Menu Plans & Grocery Lists

Menu Plan & Grocery List – Week 1 – from Little Natural Cottage

Menu Plan & Grocery List – Week 2 – from Little Natural Cottage

Menu Plan & Grocery List – Week 3 – from Little Natural Cottage

Menu Plan – Week 4 – from Little Natural Cottage

THM Menu Plan

THM Snack Ideas List

Free THM Breakfast Ideas List

THM Lunch Ideas List

31 Days of Trim Healthy Mama Meals (free printable)

Another 31 Day of Trim Healthy Mama Meals (free printable)

Printable Meal Ideas Lists & Printable Menu Planner

Menu Plan Week 1 from Adventures in Womanland

Menu Plan Week 2 from Adventures in Womanland


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  1. Shame so many of the links are broken or dead. Great job tho pulling together such a big list of offerings.
    1. Hi Laura, I am sorry there are links in this post that are no longer valid. I wrote this post several years ago and have not had time to go back through old posts to make sure all the links work. Many of them still do work, and if you just do a simple Google search, you find a lot more!
  2. Hi, I have just written a blog series of 30 days and 30 tips for starting the Trim Healthy Mama plan. It's also available as a free printable. If you would like to have a look, the link is https://liaif.net/2016/10/09/30-days-30-tips-starting-trim-healthy-mama-index-of-posts/ Thank you x
    1. OMG Heathers I have been studying the 30 days for 3 days now and it has been a HUGE help! I was really lost and I have read the plan front to back in 2 1/2 days in every free moment I had... I am coming from the Ketogenic diet, I'm weak, moody and a whole lot of other not good things! I'm so excited about this new way of life and can't wait to be able to eat a sweet potato... Lol thank you both for the things you have put together!
  3. Hi I am starting THM for a new time around, and I remember someone having a Mountain Dew flavored good girl moonshine. It had lime juice in it.. Was that you? LOL? Maybe you know what I mean. I love your site and am about to jump back in with both feet. Thank you for your help!!
    1. Hi Rhonda! Welcome back to THM! It wasn't me that had that recipe, but I know I printed it out to make myself :). Here is a link to a Google Doc that has a bunch of drinks in it -- and one of those is the Mountain Dew drink! Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1obDgusPjs_IplslNvfVKfG-ZeiblENoKrm4CSU5Ij5c/edit Hope that helps!

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