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Traditional Peppernuts

I say “Traditional” Peppernuts, because these are not the Peppernuts I grew up with out west.  My grandparents always made these Peppernuts each year and now I make them for my family.  Here in the midwest when people talk of Peppernuts, I thought they were referring to the only Peppernuts I knew.  So when I saw a bag of “Traditional” Peppernuts I didn’t know what they were!

When I got married and moved to the midwest, there were other “terms” I had to get used to.  Another one was when people talked about the farm crop, “beans”, for the longest time I thought they were referring to green beans!  I don’t know how long it was before it came to my attention that they were talking about soy beans!  Anyway…on to this recipe.  My mom bought me a Peppernut press last year (I guess that is what it is called).  It is made out of a PVC pipe and has 10 holes drilled along the bottom side with a cap on the bottom.  It works great!  I just load it up with dough and use the wood piece that pushes the dough down the pipe and out the bottom through the holes.  If you have a press, you can use it, or roll the dough into long rolls and cut up like the recipe says.

Have fun!


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