The BEST Brown Rice

As I have moved to trying to cook more healthy, one of the switches I made was to using brown rice instead of white rice.  I always cooked brown rice on the stove, and it always seemed that the rice just didn’t quite get done.  The rice seemed a bit crunchy sometimes and my family always noticed when I was using brown rice because of it.

Well…enter this recipe…baking brown rice in the oven!  This rice turns out great every time and my family loves it.  This is a great way to bake up a bunch of rice ahead of time and freeze it for later meals.  Give it a try!


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  1. Now that you have an Instant Pot, you can make your brown rice in there! I use short grain brown rice and cook it for 29 minutes on manual, using a 1 cup rice to 1-1/4 cups water ratio. Perfect!

    1. Brown rice is one of my next recipes to try! Thanks for the tips on how you do it. It sounds so easy too! I made sweet potatoes tonight to go with our dinner and they turned out so good! I am loving my Instant Pot!

  2. I always cook my rice (stove top) for 50 min, not 45. And make sure ur using a big enough pan also. AND don’t stir it at all. U will disturb all the little heat tunnels made in the rice as it cooks. Then it won’t cook right and be sticky besides.
    I’ll just mention: u r using 2 cups liquid, 1 cup rice as the ratio, right? I have found no more than triple recipe works well. I try to do only 2x actually. That itself does make alotttt of rice!
    One more tip–rice freezes well: if you don’t add any sauce or liquid w/it.

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