New ideas for your Morning Time learning!

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New Ideas for Your Morning Time Learning

Are you struggling with some ideas for your Morning Time learning? We have our Morning Time learning while the kids eat their breakfast. We always read a Bible story, and then I usually add one or two other things that we read together. If you would some more details on our Morning Time learning and what I call “Together School”, click on over to this post!

But for this post, I wanted to share some new things that I have found that you might want to consider using. Please don’t feel you have to use all of these at once. Pick a few and rotate them through the year. Make these tidbits of learning fun and you will be amazed how much information your kids will pick up in this informal way.

Science Read-Alouds

Old Homestead Tales – This is a wonderful science series that you can read for free online or buy on Amazon.

Christian Liberty Nature Readers – This is a wonderful nature series that you can read aloud together. There are six books in the series I think.

Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals – These “Kids’ Guide” series books are so good! This one covers animals that are mentioned in the Bible. Makes a great science read-aloud because they are short one page sections.

Kids’ Guide to God’s Creation – This is another of the “Kids’ Guide” series and covers God’s creation. Based on the seven days of creation, each section is filled with great information and colorful images.

For more great living books you can read about, check out this Living Book List for Science post!

History & Geography Read-Alouds

Kids’ Guide to American History – Another amazing “Kids’ Guide” book but this one covers American History (from a Christian perspective). While it does not go in depth into every topic, this gives a great overview that would make a wondering Morning Time learning read-aloud!

Kids’ Guide to the 50 States – Another “Kids’ Guide” book that covers the 50 states (from a Christian perspective). Each state is covered with facts about the state, famous people, and other important facts. This would be a great read-aloud to learn about the 50 states!

Math Read-Alouds

Bedtime Math – This Bedtime Math series is amazing and your kids will have so much fun with them! Here is a list of all the books in the series.

Life of Fred Math Books – Life of Fred is actually a math curriculum, but one mom said she simply used it to read aloud to her kids a little each day — and they loved it! Since these math books are written in a story format, your kids will enjoy the stories and learn math skills at the same time! Read this post to find out all about the Life of Fred books.

Other Fun Resources

Smithsonian Fact Cards – There are at least a couple different sets you can buy, but these are amazing! Each set covers a wide variety of education topics — from science to history to geography, and more! I like to just pick one of the topics, pull out a few cards and add them to our Morning Time learning each day. Each card has beautiful pictures and facts on the back. Your kids will love these!

Marie’s Words – This is a set of flashcards that help your kids build their vocabulary, but not like any you have seen before! Click here to read my review of these!

The Scripture Sleuth Series – My kids LOVE these books! Each chapter presents a mystery of sorts, and Concord Cunningham solves the mystery by using the Bible! This would make a fun read-aloud for the whole family!


I could go on and on with more fun resources because it seems like I keep adding to my collection each year. Once you get the hang of how this Morning Time learning can go, you will start to pick up on how you can incorporate more learning time into your day as well. Happy reading!

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