Start a Read-Aloud Time Today {Podcasts, audios, and TONS of resources to get you started!}

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Recently I have been enjoying listening to some podcasts as I fold laundry and work around the house. Well, I have some treasures for you today!

Start a Read-Aloud Time {Podcasts, audios, and TONS of resources to get you started!}

You all know how much our family enjoys reading aloud — well, these podcasts focus on reading aloud and I just know they will spark a desire to begin a read-aloud time in your own family if you haven’t started one already! Along with the podcasts and audios, I have included below a section of resources that have helped me in our read-aloud time. Enjoy — and happy reading!


Nurturing Competent Communicators by Andrew Pudewa – Wow! This audio is excellent! It is kind of long — about 1 1/2 hrs. — but it is worth every minute. I learned so much about reading aloud to our children — some things I had never thought about or knew. I won’t spill the beans though, you’ll have to listen for yourself!

A Passion for Reading Aloud – A podcast on Ed Snapshots with Sarah Mackenzie – I love Sarah’s enthusiasm about reading aloud. It is contagious! Just listen.

Tips & Tricks for Reading Aloud – A Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Jim Weiss – This is part of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast series – an excellent series of podcasts!

A Lifestyle of Reading Aloud – A Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Melissa Wiley – This is another part of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast series.

The Reading Promise – a Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Alice Ozma (author of The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared) – I haven’t listened to this one yet and can’t wait! Today maybe!

How To Start a Reading Streak – a Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Sarah Mackenzie – This short podcast will get you excited about starting a read-aloud time and give you some tips to start a reading streak!

On Living a Storyformed Life – a Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Sarah Clarkson – I love Sarah Clarkson, her love for books, and her desire to share that love with others. This is an excellent podcast!


The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast Series

Sarah Clarkson’s site – Storyformed.com

Sarah Clarkson’s books – Caught Up in a Story and Read for the Heart

The Homeschooler’s Read-Aloud Guide – free printable by me!

The Read-Aloud Treasury Kindle Series – Lots of classics to read aloud!

Yesterday’s Classics Huge ebook bundle – Tons of great books to read aloud!

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  1. I am so glad I learned about the value of read-aloud time back when mine were tiny. It's the one thing I can look back on through our homeschooling journey and say, "I did that right." I just don't think you can go wrong, implementing read-alouds as a daily routine. They never get too old to enjoy it. Even if it's just a picture book that I open up to share with my younger girls, my 17 year old son can't resist joining us on the couch. These are some great resources. Thank you for sharing.
    1. Hi Jenn, Thanks for sharing and I am so glad you have enjoyed reading aloud too. We love it and feel the same - this is one area I don't doubt at all that we are doing right! Have a great weekend!

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