Simply CHRISTmas: Watch “The Star of Bethlehem” Movie

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Simply CHRISTmas.

Simply CHRIST.

In the hustle and bustle that characterizes this time of year, I want to quiet my heart and simply focus on Christ.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to be doing some posts on “Simply CHRISTmas” — just giving some ideas to help you and your family stay focused on Christ this CHRISTmas.

The Star of Bethlehem

Today I have a wonderful documentary to recommend to you called “The Star of Bethlehem” (Click here to buy your own copy). I have heard lots of great things about this movie and can’t wait to watch it myself!

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  1. We watched this documentary last year. Everyone over 6 were intrigued by it, but the littles weren't that impressed. Hope this helps.
  2. In your opinion, what age range children would likely find this interesting? We traditionally watch one meaningful God-honoring movie sometime during our multiple-day extended family Christmas gathering, but we don't want to bore the children. We prefer a movie that has interest to all ages.
    1. I would think that the whole family would enjoy it. If you aren't sure, just watch it yourself ahead of time and see what you think. It is only a little over an hour long, so not too long to watch.

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