2 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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I was so excited to get in some more reading this week! Yeah! I am also excited to share with you some really good podcasts I listened to this week about reading aloud to your children.  It just confirms over and over to me how important this one thing is and encouraged me to commit even more time to reading aloud. But more on that in another post! Here are the books I finished this week and a few I am reading now.

2 Books I Finished This Week

midnight rescue

Midnight Rescue (Freedom Seekers #3) – Have I said how much we are enjoying this series? Lois Walfrid Johnson does an amazing job with these books. As we read, we are really understanding what it was like not only to be a slave but to be those that were helping slaves escape. How many stood up for what was right and put their lives on the line! We plan on finishing this series, even though we are having to take a little detour with my “plan” for our history studies. There are so many lessons to be learned — about courage, about truth, about doing what is right in the face of opposition and danger — so much for us to absorb and learn that I felt it was worth the detour!


Past Forward Vol. 6 – I finished the last volume in this series and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it! Not only was it a good story, but I was challenged in ways that I don’t think I have ever been challenged when reading a fiction book. Chautona has a way of weaving in life lessons and spiritual insights that leave you wanting more. I was sad to see this series come to an end, but look forward to reading some more of Chautona’s books soon!

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Seeing Jesus – I wasn’t sure I would like this book.  It is a novel — one that I picked up when it was free on Kindle I think. It looked interesting so I started reading it this week. Wow! I love it! I’ve already read 7 or chapters and can’t wait to finish it. I am seeing just how much of a role Jesus plays in our daily lives if we just take the time to see Him there.  Great book so far!

The Great Education Decision – This book was recommended on a Facebook group I am in, so I decided to check it out. It just recently came out and was free on Kindle for a few days (not sure if it still is, but might be). I only just started this one, but am anxious to dig in and see what it says about education from a Biblical perspective.

The Swindler’s Treasure (Freedom Seekers #4) – As I stated above, we are loving this series and are already well into book #4 this week!

Own Your Life – I started this book a few weeks ago and have read through the first few chapters. But, I am putting my reading on hold for a few more weeks, as I am going to be reading through this book with a friend (and she hasn’t received her book yet).

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  1. Since you enjoyed Past Forward, you may also enjoy the Aggie's Inheritance series (3 books) as well as the Hearthfield series (currently 17 episodes can also purchase volume 1 which is episodes 1-5 and volume 2 which is episodes 6-12 ) written by the same author. Both of those series cycle through Amazon for free fairly regularly! I just finished Volume 1 of Past Forward on your recommendation, thank you! I enjoyed it especially since I have read the Hearthfield series which has Willow and Chad in it. It has been sitting in my cloud for sometime so I appreciate your review. As I usually read one fiction and one non fiction at a time I am currently reading Love No Matter What by Brenda Garrison. I just started this book and am looking forward to reading her family's insights. I'm reading The Jesus Storybook Bible with my youngest for our Mama and me cuddle time. And it is time to pick a new read aloud, so I just pulled out three options for the kids to pick from. I am enjoying your posts on what you are reading, thank you for sharing! RaShea~
    1. Thank you RaShea! I will most definitely be looking at the other books she has written! It sounds like you are enjoying reading as well, and reading with your children. Love it! Have a great week.

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