Look what came today + Sneak peak at the Intentional Quiet Time Journal (for boys)

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I thought I wouldn’t be getting these until later in the week, but look what came today in the mail — my proof copies of the Intentional Monthly Planner: July 2016-December 2017 and the Intentional Quiet Time Journal! I looked over both of these and they look wonderful! They should be on Amazon for sale soon, so watch for that announcement soon! So, so excited!


Here is what the inside of the Intentional Quiet Time Journal looks like. I can’t wait to start using mine today. I love how pretty it is and what fun it will be to do my Bible study time with it.

Intentional Quiet Time Journal-for boys-Cover

I mentioned that I was working on a “boy” version and here is a sneak peak! This is what the cover looks like (above).

The Intentional Quiet Time Journal - for Boys - sample

This is what the inside looks like — not quite as pretty, but fun for the boys in your family. I have a proof copy of this book ordered and as soon as I have it proofed it will be available for sale on Amazon as well!

I pray that these books will be a blessing to you as you strive to be intentional! I’ll let you know as soon as they are up for sale!

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  1. Is the boy version out yet? We got the original version and the girls (12,13 and 15) love it! (I bought one for my adult married daughter too) It really encourages them to journal about their bible time, instead of wandering off in their minds with secular cartoon drawings!! (they love to draw) Of course secular cartoon drawings are fine- but NOT if you don't have your Intentional Time with the Word!! (((HUGS)))
    1. Hi Eliz! Yes the boy version of the journal is available now! I am going to be doing a post about it today, but here is the quick link to that journal on Amazon: https://amzn.to/1VugldD I am so excited that your girls love the journals too! I am loving mine and it has helped me stay focused and really enjoying my time in the Word! Blessings on your day!!!

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