Neat way to organize your daily and seasonal cleaning schedule!

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A couple years ago I ran across a neat free resource online that allows you to set up a calendar, upload photos, and other things. These items can remain private or you can share them with family and friends. Well, what I found out is that you can set up 9 different calendars if you wish. You could set one up for birthdays and anniversaries, one for your school schedule, and the one I am most interested in, is one for my cleaning schedule.

I set up a calendar just for all my cleaning chores. This includes the weekly chores that I have spread out throughout the week, as well as seasonal type cleaning chores. I liked the idea of doing “spring cleaning” throughout the year, and this way I can schedule items when I want them done. For example, I want to change our furnace filters every other month. I set this up as a monthly item and had it repeat every 2 months. I picked Fridays for my extra and seasonal items, so I just selected the first Friday of the month for that item.

I also picked a room each month (except December) to declutter and deep clean. I listed all the items that I wanted to do in that room and then divided it up over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fridays during that month. (Note…I would avoid using exact dates for your repeating items as the days of the week will change from one year to the next. Instead, choose the day of the week, i.e., the 1st Monday, the 2nd Thursday, etc.) Now each week I can just print out the weekly calendar for that week showing what items should be done that week. It is great! I stick it on my refrigerator and cross off the items as we get them done.

It takes a bit to get it all set up, but once you do you will have a cleaning schedule that you will simply print year after year. If something doesn’t seem to be getting done, you can change the frequency of the item very easily. I love it!

If you are interested in checking out this resource, here is the website:

You know…I just thought of another neat way you could use that calendar feature…your menus! Set up menus to repeat every month or every other month so you have some variety. The ideas are endless! Have fun!

For those of you that would like to actually “see” my schedule, here is the link to my cleaning calendar at KeepandShare:

You can also subscribe to my iCalendar feed here: if you want to add this cleaning calendar to Outlook, mobile phone calendar apps, or Google Calendar!

I hope this gives you an idea of what you can do with this! I love it and look forward to it helping me stay better on top of all the details that I forget to do!

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  1. This is fantastic. Been looking for something like this for ever! Is there a way how I could copy your calendar and personalize it? Would you know how? Carmen
    1. Hi Carmen, I provide a link in this post where you can add this calendar to your Google calendar or other icalendar. If you are wanting to just print it out, you can view my cleaning calendar here on my website: Click on the little printer icon and then you can choose to print one month or the whole year. I hope that helps! In Christ, Sheri
  2. Just now getting around to trying this so I wouldn't have to take time to enter all the tasks in my iCal. But when I try to subscribe in iCal it says that calendar isn't available. Do I need to register at the original site to have access?
    1. Dear Marni, Thank you for letting me know. It looks like they are now requiring me to have a premium account to have a feed for my calendar. So I will need to change how I do the feed. I am away for the weekend but will look at fixing that when I get home. Thanks, Sheri Sent from my Kindle Fire _____________________________________________
    2. Marni, I have it fixed! I just created a Google calendar and imported the cleaning tasks, then made that calendar public. I have changed the link to reflect this new feed. Just use that link to import the feed into your existing calendar. Just let me know if it doesn't work, ok? Have a great week!
  3. I ve taken the liberty of setting up a free account with keep and share also, but they only let me create 1 calendar. Did you have any suggestions as to how to get the other calendars? Thank you, Natalie
    1. I just checked it out and it looks like the free account does only let you create 1 calendar. I wonder if that was something they changed after I registered my account, so I was able to keep that setting in tact. Sorry about that. If you still want to use Keep and Share, you could create multiple accounts for each calendar. OR you could use Google Calendar...that is free and you can create multiple calendars. If you go to this post on my site here, I give the link to my cleaning calendar feed so you could actually add my cleaning calendar to your Google Calendar. Then you can change it as you want, but it would give you something to start with. Here is the link to that post: I hope that helps and gives you some things to try. I LOVE my cleaning has helped me stay on track!
  4. Sheri - is there any chance you'd be willing to make your calendar available in the iCal format? I'm using google calendar now for homeschooling, and I need to add in my cleaning chores - but have not found a comprehensive list put into a calendar form yet! With the iCal format, I could just import it into mine... granted, you've done all the work, so this is a really selfish request!
    1. Hi Leigh, I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but here is the link to get the iCalendar feed for my cleaning calendar: Please let me know if this works and I will add it to my post! Thanks!
      1. Oh, Sherri! It's perfect! I was able to save the iCal file and import it into my google calendar - and all of your tasks are there, with all the repeats, etc! I can even move them to specific times (like in between homeschool subjects and errands!) and delete the ones I won't use (we don't have an upstairs...). Thank you SO MUCH! This is such a blessing!
        1. Hi Leigh, That's great! I have added the link to my post too for others who may want to do the same thing. How exciting! Have a GREAT day!

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