Our History Studies for 2013-2014

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Our History Studies 2013-2014

As I began praying about our homeschool for this coming year, the Lord really impressed on me a desire to dig deep in the Bible with the kids. I decided, through much prayer and study, to take the next four years and do a sweep of world history, including all of HIStory found in the Bible. I got excited as I began to see how many neat resources I already had on my shelves…books, DVDs, audios, etc. Plus I found some new things to include in our studies as well. I thought it would be fun to do a post about my plans for our history studies, listing the resources I am going to use and how I am going to use them. Are you ready? Here it goes…

The 4-Year Rotation:

Year 1 – Old Testament – Genesis to Deuteronomy & Ancient EgyptThis is what we will be studying this year!

Year 2 – Old Testament – Joshua to Malachi & Ancient Greece, New Testament – Matthew to Acts & Ancient Rome

Year 3 – Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation & Epistles

Year 4 – Explorers to Present – US History & Epistles, Revelation, Government, Constitution, Kansas State History

Spines I Will Use:

The Child’s Story Bible – OT, Chapters 1-54 (I will be using this, along with the Bible, to set the order for our studies..basically following along with the order of Genesis to Deuteronomy)

Pages of History, Vol. 1 – chapters 1-8 (This volume covers more than we will be studying this year, so we only plan on reading the first 8 chapters.)

The Grand Story by David Quinn (This is a brand new curriculum that I am really excited about incorporating into our studies. We will incorporate it as a read-aloud, watch the online videos linked in the book, and do some of the activities, when we get to the point where we are studying Egypt.)

66 Books One Story by Paul Reynolds – Summaries and life application on each book of the Bible.  This is one I haven’t purchased yet, but am considering using to read aloud as we work our way through the different parts of the Bible.

Timeline Figures:

History Through the Ages timeline figures CD – Creation to Present – (I took all the figures for the time period we are studying and pasted each one onto a page. Each figure has some text describing it which I love. I plan on printing these out to be colored and then placed in their history notebook in order as we work our way through our studies.)

Books to read aloud:

Adam and His Kin


Boy of the Pyramids

The Golden Goblet

A Cry from Egypt

Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors

Letters from Egypt


Bold Believers in Egypt

Pharaoh’s Boat

Hungry Planet


Plus many more from our local library!

DVDs to Watch:

What’s In the Bible DVDs on the Old Testament – Vol. 1-3

Drive Thru History DVD – Vol. 1, Egypt to Qumran

Old Testament kids Bible videos

Audios to listen to:

Diana Waring CDs – What in the World? Part 1

Activities to do:

Layers of Learning – (I plan on using Unit 1.1 and Unit 1.2 this year for activity ideas, books to read, and lots of tid-bits of great information!)

Games to Play:

Name That Country – We love the game, Name That State, so I thought this would be a fun addition to our homeschool this year.

Sampling of our schedule:

I used the chapter outlines in the Child’s Story Bible and then added to it a list of all the resources I had that I wanted to use, putting them into the right places in the order we will study. I didn’t include everything for these three “sections”, but I wanted you to get the idea of how I did it. We will start each section reading the Bible and the story out of the Child’s Story Bible. Then we will simply work our way down the list, crossing each item off as they are done. How much we will do each day depends on what we are doing and how long it takes.

Just a little tip: I typed our history schedule up in Google Drive so that I could access it from any computer. I included in my lists links to any websites that we are going to use (such as a site to look at Egyptian art), and links to any online videos we are going to watch. That way I can plug one of our laptops into our TV, pull up my history schedule, and click on the link to go to the site for the day. Easy! Plus the kids love seeing things on the TV instead of the little computer screen.  Ok…here is a sampling of what our history schedule looks like…

1.  In the Beginning God

Read this chapter in Child’s Story Bible

AUDIO – Diana Waring Audio – Welcome to World History

Read The Grand Story – pgs. 9-14

2.  How the world began – Genesis 1

Read this chapter in Child’s Story Bible

AUDIO – Diana Waring Audio – Creation

3.  The First Man Adam – Genesis 1, 2

Read this chapter in Child’s Story Bible

DVD – What’s In the Bible Vol. 1 – In the Beginning – Genesis


I hope you enjoyed a peek into our history studies for the coming year. Tomorrow I will post about what I am planning for science!


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