A Different Perspective on Math

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A Different Perspective on Math

Quite a while back someone had posted these on Facebook or on a blog somewhere, I can’t remember. Recently they were posted again and I decided they were too good not to share.

You may not agree with everything in this video and article, but they do give some good food for thought. It really made me rethink some things about how I handle math with my kids.

Video to Watch…


Article to Read…

Article: Just Do the Math by David Albert

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    1. I totally understand and can relate :). I'm sure we will always "do math" too, but it just helped me relax a little and learn to look at it a little differently.
  1. I love this -- and it resonates with this un-math minded mama who has an equally un-math minded 11 year-old son. The message leaves me wanting for more!! Do you have any suggested resources for math/logic games? Thanks!

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