Heritage History: Young Readers {My Review}

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I was so excited to receive a copy of Heritage History’s Young Readers Curriculum (on CD) to review.  We will be continuing the study of American History in our read-aloud time next year and I was looking for some more books to add to our reading list.  I was amazed at what is included on this CD!  Not only are there 86 complete illustrated books, but timelines, reading recommendations, short biographies, historical images, AND a printable Teacher’s Guide!

The literature included on this CD represents a broad introduction to all of Western Civilization.  The subjects covered are: American, European, and Ancient History, Bible and saint stories, legends and literature.  The reading material can be read by an older grammar school student, but they are also appropriate for reading aloud to younger children.

The neat thing about this curriculum is that everything is included on one CD.  All the books are available as PDF files to print out AND as mobile versions that can be loaded on your Nook, Kindle, or iPad!  This is probably the part I like best.  I love reading old classic literature to my children, but most of these can only be found online in PDF file format and need to be printed out in order to read.  I don’t like reading books that I have to print out.  Having them on my Kindle is much easier and doesn’t use ink and paper!  Plus, you can load the books on multiple e-readers so that more than one child can be reading at a time.  Love it!

Another awesome feature about this curriculum is the printable Teacher’s Guide that includes timelines, famous people from history, recommended reading, and more!  You can use the Teacher’s Guide to enhance your study if you wish, or simply use the books included for your reading time.

They not only offer these curriculum CDs, but also CD libraries of ebooks on different topics.

If you are looking for a good resource full of good literature for your history study, check out Heritage History!

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