Great Inspirational Music for Your Kids!

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Great Inspirational Music for Your Kids

This past weekend when my parents were over for dinner, we had fun reminiscing about some of the old records we used to listen to when I was a child. We talked about the fun songs that were filled with so much meaning and all the fun we had singing them together. Even as an adult now, I can remember almost all the songs and am known to start singing some of them to my own children out of the blue!

But as we talked I began to wonder if some of this wonderful inspirational music was still available today. Back when we listened to them we had records that we played on our record player. But I wondered if they were now available in CD or mp3 formats or if they weren’t even for sale any more. So what do I do when I want to find out something? I look on the internet!

I was so tickled to find ALL of the music that I listened to as a child still available! Everything is now on CD of course, or mp3 download, and there is actually much MORE available now (like the tons of Psalty CDs!).

Now I can begin purchasing some of these for my own children to enjoy! Yeah! Since I know not everyone grew up in Christian homes, or had parents who even knew about this wonderful music, I decided to do a post with links to where you can buy this music. There is not one here that I don’t highly recommend!

This is the music I listened to as a child and am so thankful to my parents for introducing it to me when I was young! Maybe you will find something here you will want to get for your own children or grandchildren. You won’t regret it! Enjoy!

Music Machine

Music Machine – The Fruit of the Spirit

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

Bullfrogs & Butterflies

Nathaniel the Grublet

Nathaniel the Grublet

Down by the Creek Bank

Down by the Creek Bank

Sir Olivers Song

Sir Oliver’s Song

Psalty - Kids Praise Album

Psalty РThe Kids Praise Album 

This is the album I listened to as a child, but there are a ton more Psalty CDs available at the Psalty site!

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  1. WE LOVE Slugs & Bugs. I have some of those old CDs (Music Machine, Down by the Creek Bank, a couple of Psalty) but my kids prefer the Slugs & Bug so that is what we listen to more often.
  2. How fun! Have you checked out Randall Goodgame's children's music? We love him. https://youtu.be/hbk6ti1JYYI

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