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I know I am always looking for good quality free homeschool curriculum and resources to use in our homeschool. Over the years I have blogged about some of these resources I have found, but decided it would be more helpful to have them all linked in one place!

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When I come across good quality free homeschool curriculum and resources, I will add the links here! Be sure to bookmark this page (or “pin” it) and save it for later! You will want to come back to this resource again and again!

If you have some favorite free resources online that you use in your homeschool that you don’t see listed here, please add it (along with the link) in the comments below and I will add it to this database!

(You can view this table in different ways by using the sort and filter options in the menu bar below. Use the scroll bars at the right and bottom of the form to view all the information. To view a larger version of this form, click the link in the bottom right corner.)

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  1. Sheri: A online friend and I have a site on mewe called "Where Can I Find It" where we share links for free homeschool materials. We also have a newsletter we send out once a week from Group IO. If anyone is looking for materials can go on either site to join and they will have free access to everything we have found.
  2. is also a great resource we have been using. I came looking for ideas for my oldest because I am not sure if what we are using is going to continue to add more grades. Thank you for this great resource.
  3. Free systematic phonics readers and worksheets for all ages
  4. Thank you so very much for all this helpful information. I am so excited to find all this. It is a true blessing.
  5. This is great! It's so convenient to have all the information here in one place! It would be fantastic to have a column showing approximate grade/age level, but that is probably hard to categorize...
    1. Glad you like it, Anita! I thought about putting an age range, but there are so many that could be used for all ages, so I just left it off. If you ever come across a neat free resource, just leave the link in the comments and I'll add it!

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