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Encouraging the Entrepreneur in Our Children!

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One of the many things that I love about homeschooling is that it allows your children to spend lots of time developing their interests. Then it is fun when they take it a step further and begin sharing their talents and gifts with others!

Christy's Dream cover

Whenever I hear of other families who encourage the same thing in their children, I love to share about them! Recently a reader contacted me for some advice on how to get her daughter’s books into ebook format. Her daughter loves to write and had several books completed and many still in progress. I was able to share with her my thoughts and now her daughter has her completed ebooks on her blog for you to enjoy for free!

Lauren's Courage cover

Grace currently has 3 ebooks on her site: Christy’s Dream, Lauren’s Courage, and The Mystery of the Missing Jewelry. I had a chance to read through the first one and it is a wonderful read! These would be great for your kids to read or to read together as a family.

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Hop on over to her blog and check these books out! I’m sure she will be adding more in the future too.

Myers House Handcrafts

While I was on Grace’s blog, I also noticed that their family has an Etsy shop: Myers House Handcrafts. I had fun looking around at the different things their family has for sale. Grace’s mom told me that their whole family gets in on the fun by making things, helping with orders, preparing items for shipping, etc. What a great way to get your kids some home business experience!

Those of you who know me well, know that this is right up my ally! I love making things with my hands, whether that be crochet projects, ebooks, or other online projects, and it is so encouraging to see others using the gifts God gave them as well!

What about you? Does your family have a little home business? If so, please share your link in the comments! I’d love to see what you are doing and I’m sure others would love to see as well.

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  1. Grace is my granddaughter. I am very proud of the whole family for all the activaties they do. They always share their skills with others. Love Grandma Sandy

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