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Blank Editable Recipe Cards – 1, 2 & 4 card versions {free download}

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Picture of recipe cards

I thought it would be fun to make some pretty editable recipe cards to share with you. These are editable, meaning that you can type your own recipes into the cards, save, and print them! In the image above, you can see what they look like with recipes typed into them. I typed up a few of my favorite THM recipes!

Below I explain in detail how to use these cards. Print them out and place them in a recipe box or punch a hole in the corners and put them on a ring. This will be a fun way to have your favorite recipes handy! Enjoy!

I have two versions available!  One has 4 recipe cards per page, the other has 2 recipe cards per page.

>> Editable recipe cards – 4 per page <<

>> Editable recipe cards – 2 per page <<

>> Editable recipe cards – 2 per page (left justified) <<

>> Editable recipe cards – 1 per page <<


1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.

2.  Save the original file to be used as your template.

3.  Open up the template file and do a “Save As”, and then save the new file in a folder on your computer where you want to keep your completed recipe cards. Each complete card file will have a new name, for example you could name this file, Recipe Cards #1.  The next file you complete could be called, Recipe Cards #2, etc.

4.  Now type (or copy and paste) your favorite recipes into the Recipe Cards file.  There are two fields for each card, one for the title of the recipe, and one for the ingredients and directions.

5.  Once you have the cards filled in with your recipes, print onto card stock and laminate if you wish. Keep them in your recipe card box or punch a hole in the corners and put them on a ring.

6.  To make more cards, simply open up the original file, do a “Save As” to save a new copy of it, then create the new cards.

Have fun creating your own recipe cards!

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  1. I download the cards and copy & pasted my recipe but I cant find where it would allow me to increase the font size its a little small? Also how do I know if Im in adobe? I know I have that on my computer but I just hit download button and saved file to my desk top then open an paste my recipes. . I am trying to organize all my recipes printed from online which are on full size sheets of paper. I want them to go into my recipe box or I may do a binder with sheets havent decided an finding cards that are editable has been challenge so thank you for these. It doesnt state size Im guess if I want more of 4x6 card use the 2 per sheet?
    1. Hi Cindy, I am sorry but there isn't a way to increase the font size. I tried to get it big enough to see but not too big so that you had a hard time getting all the instructions on. Yes, the 4x6 card size has 2 per page. So you can save multiple copies of this file and rename it if you don't want to lose the recipes you have typed in. Or if you don't care, you can just use the same file over and over, printing out the recipe cards as you get them done. Have fun!
  2. Is there any way to change the color of the borders/flowers to add a little variety? The cards are the greatest! I'm making a Family Recipe Book for my 3 grown boys to pass down some old and new family recipes.
    1. Hi Deborah, That is an awesome thing you are doing? Yes, changing the color and graphics is something that I can do, however not right now. Our computer crashed last week and we are still in the process of getting everything loaded on our new computer. Plus I am having a hard time finding the software that I need to create those PDF files! Pray I can find it! I will make a note though and hopefully I can create some different options for you. Are you using the version with 4 per page?
  3. What size are these when printed? I am putting recipes in an old book that holds 3 x 5 cards. Which one would be the best to get that size?
    1. Hi Terri, When you print these, they are more like 3 3/4" x 5" (this is the one with 4 per page). You could try making these smaller by reducing the print size in your printer settings. Usually there is a Scaling area where you can change it from "100" to a smaller number. That would make the cards print at a smaller size. Maybe give that a try!
  4. Hi, thank you so much for these. Is there any way to make the recipe part left justified instead of centered? Thank you!
    1. Hi Brianne! I sure could do that. Which ones are you wanting -- the 4 per page ones, 2 per page ones, or 1 per page? If you just let me know which ones, I will get another version created for you and add them to the post. Thanks!
      1. I am new to this how do I write the recipe so that it looks like the ones you have with 4 on a page how do I go to a second row after I type let's say 1 tablespoon water 1 teaspoon sugar also how can I write 1/2 or 1/4 is this right?
        1. Hi JoAnn, First make sure that you are opening up the file in Adobe Reader, not just in your browser. To type into the recipe cards, just click in the boxes and type. Just hit enter to go to the next line. You can also type fractions as you mentioned. Just give it a try to see how it works!
      2. Hi Sheri, I have been looking all over for something this easy- thank you for creating and sharing! One question: is it possible to left justify the template? I use the 2-per-page ones, but see this isn't editable to change margins. Thanks, Tina
  5. Thanks for making a one page recipe card. I like to put my recipes on one page and the 2 and 4 cards per page just don't hold a lot of my recipes. The one page will hold most of my recipes and all I have to do for the long ones will be to add a 2nd and a 3rd page . I have some recipes that are really long. Thanks you so much for doing this.
  6. You are awesome. So many people don't know about fields in PDFs and have no idea how wonderful and user friendly they can be if done right. Thank you for your generosity, enthusiasm and most of all, great recipes!
    1. Thanks Kim! I love having editable PDFs and am so glad I can offer that to my readers. So glad you enjoy my recipes too! Have a great day!
  7. What a wonderful find! Thank you! Should you ever feel inspired to add to this, I'd love to see a full page template. Again, many thanks!
    1. You are welcome Chris! So you would like a full page template that you could use to insert recipes into? I could make one and add it to the post. I don't think there would be a way to add a picture (like you could in a word processing document), but I could have a place for the recipe title at the top, and then a large box where the ingredients and instructions could be pasted in. Let me know for sure what you are wanting and I'll see what I can do!
      1. That would be an awesome addition to the 2 and 4 card per page. I am putting my favorite recipes in frames to decorate my kitchen. The full page would be so helpful.
        1. Hi Marsha, I totally forgot about doing a 1-page version. I will add it to my to do list for this week and try to get it done. I'll let my newsletter list know in next Saturday's newsletter if I get it done!
  8. Thank YOU so much for the free download of Blank Editable Recipe Cards! Jackpot! :)
  9. When I first read the title, I thought it said "Edible Recipe Cards"! I thought wow, she has really taken the "low fat" element of the E meals to an extreme!
    1. Hi Jessica! Many people have taken it to read "edible" so don't feel bad :). But I wanted people to know that they could type into the document..hence "editable". Hope you enjoy these!
    2. This is one of the funniest things I ever read!!!!! Seriously!!!!! Thanks for making me smile today! :-) Jennifer (THMer for 4 months)
      1. Hi Jennifer! I know there have been so many who think this says "edible" and think I am saying you can eat them! Anyway...enjoy the free download!
  10. Do you offer any with the recipes already printed on them? Not the copyrighted ones from the book, the ones from your site.
    1. Hi Amy, No I don't have the recipe cards with my recipes on them. Do you think others would be interested in them? It probably wouldn't take much to copy and paste them into the cards. If I decide to do this, do you think the bigger cards would be better (the ones with 2 on a page)?
  11. Hi Sheri! Love the recipe cards! Thank you! Some time, if you had a few extra minutes and it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would love to see recipe cards that are 2 per page. If I put very much info on these that have 4 per page, the font gets so tiny......... :( I appreciate all your THM tips and the information/downloads that you share! Thank you! Thank you!
  12. You have saved me with the recipe cards ...I will look to more of your sites to find more time and money saving ideas...thank you so much
  13. THANK YOU so much for this, Sheri! I have been saving recipes to begin putting together a book of my favorite THM recipes ~ this will make it soooo easy to complete this project!
    1. Hi Noreen! So glad you like the recipe cards. Have fun putting your recipes together too ;).

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