Our History Studies for the 2018-2019 Homeschool Year

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Today I want to talk about how we are going to be doing our history for our homeschool this year.

What We Will Be Studying

I decided that I wanted to do a one-year full sweep of US History. For the past couple years our history studies have been a combination of world and US history together, and so this year I thought it would be fun to do something a little different.

We will be reading through the three volumes of America’s Story. Since I love the “living books” approach to learning, this curriculum fit right in. The books don’t read like history texts, but as a story, which is perfect! This will give us an excellent study of US history from it’s beginnings to modern day.

Our History Schedule

We will not be using the curriculum as it is meant to be used, with the teacher’s book, worksheets, etc. But that is the joy of homeschooling. We get to decide how we want to use the curriculum!

We will be doing our history studies during our morning basket learning time. Each day we will read one lesson from the America’s Story book, and then read a chapter out of our read aloud book.

For each America’s Story volume, I selected two read aloud books that go along with what is covered in that volume. Since our family loves read-aloud time, I wanted to incorporate that into our history studies.

In the afternoon, we will be doing some writing projects together and some of those may include topics from our history studies.

History books sitting on a table.

The Books We Will Be Using

We will be using the American’s Story volumes as the core of our U.S. history studies, and two read-aloud books to go with each volume. I should note that four of the read-aloud books are from the Trailblazer Series and I have the whole series on PDF files on my tablet. So I only bought two softcover books (the ones for Volume 3). That is why only those two books are shown in the pictures!

Click here or on any of the links below to find all these books on Amazon!

America’s Story – Vol. 1 (Student)

America’s Story – Vol. 2 (Student)

America’s Story – Vol. 3 (Student)

What will you be studying for history this year?

I am really excited about our history studies this year! Can’t wait to get started next month. What are you studying this year? Share in the comments below!

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  1. We are using this too, but only Vol 2 for one of my children and then another child is using the Ancient world one,which I really love because it's going from creation to Christ...which is going along w/ our morning Bible reading times (we started in Gen, now in Exodus!) Super cool seeing the Bible and the other history along w/ it. We tried the High School version of Master Book's American History but it's vocabulary was VERY ADVANCED! Even for me...so we're looking into using these 3 volumes of history you've listed above with the author's recommendation on how to use them for high school. I'm super excited about her recommendations! =)

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