Our 2010-2011 Homeschool Plans

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I have had several ask about what we plan to do for homeschool this year…so I thought I’d share.  We look forward to a fun year learning together.  I do want to note that besides all the kids’ individual work, we have a read-aloud time together in the afternoons for the older three children.  At the beginning of the year I make a list (in the Homeschool section of my Intentional Planner) of history, literature, and science books that I want to read aloud.  We read anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 hour each afternoon, working our way through our book list.  I usually try to include some books we have that we haven’t read yet, and some new ones that I order for the new year.  I’ll have to do another post later listing some of our read-alouds for this year.  This is probably the funnest part of our day for us, including me!

Ok…back to our plans for this year…here it goes…

My 12th Grader:

Language Arts: 1 semester-Write a Research Paper; 1 semester-Speech
Math: Teaching Textbooks-Geometry
Math (Consumer Math): Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Course for homeschool
History: 1 semester-Economics using What Ever Happened to Penny Candy; 1 semester-Government using the American Heritage Series DVDs
Fine Arts/Dance: Ballet and Pointe classes weekly; piano
Health: 1 semester- Nutrition 101: Choose Life
Biblical Worldview: 1 semester-Who Is God and Can I Really Know Him
Personal Reading
Home Economics: Sewing projects, cooking, knitting
Art: Pencil drawings, painting
Photography: Taking and editing photographs

My 6th Grader:

Language Arts: Language Lessons for the Elementary Child-Vol. 2; Spelling
Math: Teaching Textbooks-Grade 6
Geography: Learn US & World Geography playing geography games several times a week
History: Exploring American History
Science: Classic Science-Elementary Life Science
Health: 1 semester- Nutrition 101: Choose Life
Biblical Worldview: 1 semester-Who Is God and Can I Really Know Him
Personal Reading

My 1st Grader:

Math: Diane Hurst’s Grade 1 Math Pages ebook (I have a review copy…soon to be published by Diane!)
Phonics and Handwriting: Progressive Phonics-Phonics Books
History/Literature/Poetry/Science: Using Ambleside Online 1st Grade reading list
Science: Our Father’s World Science
Art: Celebrating Art

My 4 year old Preschooler:

Learning for the “Littles” Preschool Notebook
Phonics and Handwriting: Progressive Phonics-Alphabet Books
History: Listening in on 1st Grader reading list
Science: Listening in on 1st Grader science time
Art: Celebrating Art
Read LOTS of books together!
Note: Click here to download a free article by Diane Hurst called The Rocking Chair Method.  Diane’s thoughts are right alongside my own in preparing a notebook for your little ones to sit, cuddle with you, and work through!

My soon-to-be 3-year-old Preschooler:

Preschool Beginning Notebook Set
Listen in on 1st Grade History and Science lessons.
Read LOTS of books together!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It's always interesting to see what others are using. I had never heard of the Who is God.... book (or Nutrition 101). Some considerations for next year.
  2. You are so inspiring my friend. I wrote out a list on my homeschool blog of what we plan on doing this year as well. For read alouds we are going to start with the Little House on the Prairie books. HUGS!
    1. We LOVE the Little House books. We read the whole series last summer and have read a few of the books this summer again! Have fun reading aloud with your kids!
  3. Our highschoolers are doing a couple of the same things. :-) It's always fun to see what others are doing. Here is the link to our list: https://takeflightministries.blogspot.com/2010/03/curriculum-plan-for-2010-2011.html

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