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A reader recently contacted me letting me know how much she was loving my Create Your Own Penmanship Pages ebooks, but was needing some little tweaks to use with her kids.

One of the changes she needed was a basic print font that used taller numbers, not ones that just went only to the dotted middle line on the paper. The other need she had was for a penmanship book with larger font and line sizes for her young beginning writer. She was finding the smaller lines in the existing penmanship pages too small.

So…I created two brand new ebooks to give her and am now adding them to my Shop!

Create Your Own Penmanship Pages-Basic Print Font

The first ebook is a Basic Print Font penmanship book. This isn’t like other penmanship books, because this ebook allows you to go into the editable pages and type in words or sentences you want your child to trace or copy. There are also 8 different font formats to choose from! Hop on over to the product page to take a look at the sample to see what I mean!

Create Your Own Penmanship Pages-Basic Print-Larger for Beginners

The second ebook is the Basic Print Font – Larger for Beginners penmanship book. It has much larger lines and fonts (just over 1″ tall) for your beginning writer who finds it hard to write within smaller lines. It has all the same functionality of the other ebooks, with 8 different font styles to choose from, but with larger lines. Hop on over to the product page to take a look at the sample to see what the difference is.

People are loving these ebooks because they are so versatile and can be used for so many things. In the sample files you will find a list of ideas for how to use these ebooks with your kids.

You can find all my Create Your Own Penmanship Pages ebooks here!

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