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Our Journey Through the Bible {free printable}

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As I mentioned in this post last week, I started reading through the Bible with my children…one chapter at a time.  I decided to make up this fun chart to put on our refrigerator so we can track our progress.  It has a place to write the date you began your journey, and the date you finished (of course, please don’t stop, but start over again once completed!).  I am using a highlighter to highlight the chapters as we read them.

I hope you enjoy this little gift from me.

–>>  CLICK HERE to download the chart!  <<–

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  1. Sheri - I tried to comment a couple of days ago about this - thanks for going back to the old comment system! ;) The day you posted this, I was thinking about your first post about reading through the Bible with the kids, and I was wondering if you would share where you started/how you were doing it. It was so funny to get on the computer and see your post! Did you start at the beginning? How is it going? I was thinking about skipping around a bit, since my boys are still young - I start to lag after a while, myself, so I was thinking about starting in the NT and going from there.
    1. Hi Leigh...Sorry again about the comment system. I was trying to make things very user friendly and ended up making it worse! The "old" way is much better! We are doing good in our Bible reading. I started toward the end of Genesis (I think ch. 40) just because I was reading out of The Child's Story Bible and we had read the stories up to that point. I decided instead of going back and starting at the beginning of Genesis again, I would just pick up where we left off in the Bible story book and go from there. I don't think it matters where you start, or if you read straight through. You could do books at a time. I think even younger children would enjoy all the OT stories too. The book I referred to is full of encouragement in how to handle the hard passages and topics in the Bible. She shares how she handled specific things with her children, as they were all 4 and under when she started. Use the chart I made up and just highlight chapters as you get them done. You will surprised how the Lord will use this to not only bless your children, but you as well! Have fun reading!

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