Marie’s Words {a review}

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This summer when I was doing research for our new homeschool year, I was looking for something that I could use for vocabulary with the kids.  I didn’t want anything formal that would bog the kids down with more writing and workbooks, but it needed to be something that would be effective.

Well..I found it!  Marie’s Words!  This is a set of 550 printed vocabulary cards (or you can purchase an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android–see their website for details).

Each card has the vocabulary word and a picture to help you remember the meaning of the word.  On the back is the word, the pronunciation, the definition, the word used in a sentence, synonyms and antonyms.  Look below at some graphics of a front and a back of these cards so you can see what they look like…

All the printed cards have a hole punched in the top left corner so you can easily put them on a ring.  As you can see, the cards are beautifully done and very user friendly.

How I am using Marie’s Words:

I took a small stack of cards from the box and put them on a ring.  Once we go through the cards, I will get a new group out.

Each morning after breakfast (before we start our devotions and Bible memory), I will go over one of the cards.  We usually review the last couple we have already done, then go over a new card.  It is quick and easy and the kids are really enjoying it.

After we have gone through a number of the cards, I think it would be fun to do some games with them.  Here are a couple ideas that I had.

Games to play with Marie’s Words:

Game #1:  Lay out a certain number of cards (use more cards for more people) with just the picture side showing.  Each player, in turn, will get to choose one card – say the word and the definition.  Once they have said their answer, turn the card over to check.  If they are right (or pretty close), they keep the card.  If they are not right, the card goes into a discard pile until the next game.  Once all the cards are gone, the player with the most cards wins!  Sounds like fun to me!

Game #2:  You will need a small stack of cards and some sort of game board (this can be one from another board game, but it just needs to have spaces to move forward to the end).  You will also need something to use as place markers, like Monopoly pieces or something.  Place the stack with the picture side up in the center of the table with the game board.  Choose who starts, then the first player looks at the first card on the stack and tries to tell the definition.  If they get it right, they move forward one space.  If they get it wrong, the right definition is read, and they do not get to move at all.  The used card goes to the bottom of the stack, then the next person goes.  The first person to make it around the game board to the “end” wins.

As you can see, these cards are very user friendly and fun.  I was looking for something that was easy, informal, and didn’t take a lot of time…Marie’s Words has answered that for me.

Check out Marie’s Words today!  Maybe this is something that you have been looking for as well!

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