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Through the Bible with My Child – FREE 4-Year Bible Study Plan

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I shared this link in the past, but thought I’d post it again for all the new subscribers.  Through the Bible with My Child is a 4-year plan to take your child through the Bible.  This plan takes 4 years (scheduled to be done during an academic year-172 days) and includes what to read each day, discussion questions, maps, puzzles, and tests!

This looks like an awesome resource to use with your children! As parents, we are to be training our children up in the Lord. Sometimes we don’t know where to begin or what to do. Well…here is a plan for you and it is totally free. Why not take a look at it today!

From their website…

Through the Bible with My Child helps parents teach their children God’s word. This book provides a method and a plan: a method to teach the Bible to young children, and a plan to cover the Bible in four school years. Supplemented with memorization recommendations, daily review questions, writing pages, blank maps, and tests, Through the Bible with My Child offers a complete introduction to the Bible for elementary age children.

Click here to download Through the Bible with My Child for free!


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  1. Dear Sheri, I couldn't get the download. It says page is missing. Please help me out how to get this.
    1. Hi Mary, It looks like they are no longer offering a free PDF download of this book. You can, however, order a copy on amazon. Here is the link to the book information: https://www.anchorcross.org/books/6hz4s5ajzuvzkmchgjt7gpf5oumd6w
  2. Sheri, Thank you for posting about my husband's book! I wanted to give you and your readers a heads-up that he is working on a 2nd edition, to be released in 2016 (or maybe even 2015)! The 2nd edition changes/additions include an answer key, more review questions, professional cover design, professional book design (which means better maps, puzzles, etc.), and whatever else Charles has planned. :) Thanks again! Monica
    1. Hi Monica! You are welcome! I know many have benefited from your husband's work. That is awesome that a 2nd edition is coming out. I'll have to do a post about it once it is available. Have a wonderful day! In Christ, Sheri
    2. Monica, Did your husband ever finish the 2nd edition? I'm searching for this and only finding the 2009 edition and if there is a newer one, I'd love to grab that instead. Thank you!
      1. Hi Emily, This book was not my own, just one that I linked to on my site. They used to have the PDF for free, and then took that down and put the softcover up for sale. You can find that here on amazon. It is the 2009 version and I think is the most current: https://www.amazon.com/Through-Bible-Child-Charles-Sharman/dp/097427271X/
  3. Sheri, thanks for posting this-- wish I knew about this resource a long time ago! I had no trouble going to the free e-book; just clicked on the link at the bottom of your post. That is awesome that they are making this available as a freebie in the e-version!
  4. I have tried your links, and they come up blank. I searched for Anchor Cross Ministries, and it sells for $17+ on their website. Where can I find it for free?
    1. Hi! Try right-clicking on the link and saving the PDF file to your computer. Also...in the ebook, the first couple pages are blank, so be sure to scroll down to the title page and the rest of the ebook. Maybe that is why you thought it was blank. You can also find the link to the ebook download on the Anchor Cross Ministries books page here: https://www.anchorcross.org/books.shtml. If you look at the very last paragraph in the description, it has the link to download the ebook free. Yes, you can buy a hard copy, but the download is free. Hope that helps!

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