New eBook! Quart Jar Cozies – Crochet Pattern

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Quart Jar Cozies - Crochet Pattern

After starting to sell the Quart Jar Cozies that I have made, I have had several ask if I could share the pattern so they could make their own.

Since this is an “original” pattern created by me, I am selling the pattern ebook (for only $5!) and giving you full rights to make your own Quart Jar Cozies to give away or sell! While I am giving you these rights, it does not include the right to share this pattern with anyone but those in your own household. If someone is interested in the pattern, direct them to my website to buy their own copy.

I just LOVE my quart jar cozy and am so excited to offer this so that others can make their own.

Grab a copy of the pattern today!

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  1. I love this idea!!! Do you think there's anyway we can crochet a handle onto the beast? :-D Thank you for sharing your gifts!

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