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I wanted to give everyone a bit of an update on some things I have been and will be working on during the next several weeks…more goodies for you!

I have been busy this week working on completing an ebook I began over a year ago!  Many of you are familiar with Emma Serl’s language arts books:  Primary Language Lessons (for grades 1-3) and Intermediate Language Lessons (for grades 4-6).  Well, over a year ago I began taking Emma Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons and reformating and editing the text into a workbook format.  I am currently working on completing the Intermediate Language Lessons workbook for Part 1 (Grade 4). I hope to have it completed in the next week or so.  I am so excited about this!  I know you can purchase a hardcover edition of this book, and you can even purchase hard copies of this book in a workbook format…but I wanted to provide this workbook as an ebook…you buy it once and use it for all your kids!

Taking Emma Serl’s original text (only editing where needed to bring the instruction up to date), I have included blank lines throughout the ebook for your child to write in the answers to questions, do copywork, write dictation, write essays, etc.  All work will be done in the workbook, so no other paper is needed.  The best part about the ebook format, as I mentioned above, is that you will be able to use it with all your children.

As with all my ebooks, I plan on making this as affordable as possible.  Watch for more details on this ebook very soon!  I can’t wait!


Note:  Once I complete this ebook, my next project is to begin working on totally revamping The 12-Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family.  This ebook was one of my first, and is in much need of updating and expanding.  Watch for more details on the Holiday Planner in about a month or so!  Once I complete the new version of the Holiday Planner, I plan on finishing the Intermediate Language Lessons series – publishing Part 2 (Grade 5) and Part 3 (Grade 6) as soon as I get them done.  I pray these ebooks will bless you in your home and homeschool!

I’m off now…back to editing :).

Have a blessed day!

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    1. I'm excited too, Marni! I am hoping to get it completed today...then the work of going through it all with a fine-tooth comb! Maybe next week it will be ready...maybe sooner!

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