Intentional Planner now able to be printed in half-sheet size!

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If you want to put your planner pages into a smaller binder, you can print multiple pages per sheet! Here is a site that gives directions on how to print multiple pages using the free Adobe Reader:

I added this information to the instructions on my Intentional Planner Members Page for easy reference.

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  1. Ms Sheri, I get an error on both links. I am using my laptop, is that the problem? I don't do Apple, I do Android? Help please, Blessings and thank you :)
  2. What a treasure of a find... I love printing things half size... I have a notebook for blogging that is a recycled 1/2 sized binder and Cameron's school planner is also a half size... I scored a heavy duty hole punch at goodwill a while back and love being able to use 1/2 the paper...

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