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Intentional Quiet Time Journal Now Available Also As An Ebook

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Intentional Quiet Time Journal

I created the Intentional Quiet Time Journal for you to use in your daily Bible study and quiet time. For those of you who are more on the creative side, this one is for you!

After releasing the softcover version of my brand new book, Intentional Quiet Time Journal, I had quite a few contact me about an ebook version. Originally I wasn’t going to offer an ebook version because to me something like this is so much better in a nice printed format. But then again, you all know how much I love books!

Well, I was chatting with a friend from London and she was telling me about how much they have to pay in shipping costs when they purchase books. She encouraged me to offer some of my softcover books in ebook format for those that live overseas and can’t afford to pay the outrageous shipping fees.

So…while the ebook version is not as convenient as the softcover version, I have decided to offer an ebook version for those that either live overseas and can’t afford to pay shipping or want to be able to print out the journal and put it in a 3-ring binder.

You will find information on both the softcover version and the ebook version on the Intentional Quiet Time Journal product page.

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