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Preparing for school, HUGE ebook sales, and some announcements

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I have been taking some time this week to finalize our plans for our new homeschool year. I really am excited about the new things we will learn together and pray that the Lord gives me the strength to do everything He has called me to do.


Many of you have already taken advantage of the huge Homeschool Omnibus sale that is going on right now. You can get over 90 ebooks for only $25! There are all kinds of ebooks on homeschooling to encourage and help you, including two of my own ebooks (Learning for the “Littles” – A Preschool Notebook and Create Your Own Penmanship Pages – PenTime Font). If you are still looking for some resources to use in your homeschool, check out the complete list of ebooks in this bundle…it is truly amazing!


As I was planning for the coming year, I also planned the books we will be reading during our read-aloud time each day. I have done different things each year, but I have used our read-aloud times each day to read books relating to our history and science studies, good literature, or just plain fun books. I try to mix it up and choose a variety of books to read. We all really enjoy this time and are amazing at how many books we can read through in a year!

If you are needing some great read-aloud materials, Yesterday’s Classics is still having a huge sale on all their Kindle/eReader books. You can buy the whole set of every book they sell for only $49.95. But I believe this sale is only going to last through the end of August, so if this interests you grab your set now!


I just wanted to let you know that I am seriously considering switching the service I use for my RSS feed and RSS to email service. If I do decide to make the switch, everyone who has signed up to receive my blog posts via email on a daily or weekly basis will begin receiving them daily only. Those that have subscribed to my RSS feed shouldn’t notice any change. If for some reason you quit receiving my feed, just come here to my site and subscribe to the feed again.

You may wonder why the change…well to be honest, this site has grown so much this year that the cost of using Feedblitz (the service I use now) is going to be quite expensive. With this new service, the cost for a whole year of service is what I am paying now for one month at Feedblitz! I want to be a good steward of what God has given me, and reducing my costs to run this site allows me to be able to give more.

I have already made the switch to this new service on my Homeschooling Central website. So if you are subscribed to that site, you will have noticed a few changes in the past few days. I wanted to test it out to see how it worked and I have been very pleased so far. I want to monitor it for a few more days before finalizing my decision to make the switch here on this site. If I like this service, watch for a post soon that will be added to my Online Business blog series!


Before I close, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a copy of my new softcover book, The Intentional Journal! The giveaway ends Friday at midnight, so click on over and enter today!

May each of you have a wonderful day!

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