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Natural Cleaners: Dusting Spray

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Dusting Spray

In a spray bottle, mix the above ingredients.

To Use:  Shake well, spray on dusting cloth, and dust!  Works great!


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  1. Sheri, I wanted to comment on the static you've been experiencing with your laundry - I'm not sure if you knew this, but static-y clothes can be caused by using too much laundry detergent and it didn't get all rinsed out, and/or over-drying your clothes. I had never heard of over-drying clothes until a couple of years ago, but when I cut back on my drying time, sure enough, I didn't have any more static problems, and my clothes were still dry. I do not use any dryer sheets - only wool dryer balls, and they're really not designed to remove all static. I use them to help cut down drying time. And, I was also wondering if you've ever heard of Norwex? With Norwex, you can clean without chemicals, mixes, soaps, bottles, etc. - just a cloth and water! It's pretty amazing, its TRUE, and it's so easy. So, instead of using a dusting spray - you can just use the dusting mitt - very easy and simple! I pretty much clean my whole home with just a Norwex cloth and water! It has simplified my life immensely in both time and in the number of sprays, bottles, etc. I have around. And my little kids can be right with me without touching or breathing any chemicals or sprays. I'd be happy to give you more info. if you're interested in knowing more about Norwex. Just let me know.
    1. Thanks for the Norwex reminder! I have a friend who sells Norwex and I guess I had totally forgotten about those products. I'll have to look at that again. Regarding static, I have been trying drying my clothes for a shorter time. I was using the settings where it is supposed to sense when the clothes are dry and shut off. But the dryer was running over an hour! Now I am using the timed dry and I can dry a load of clothes in about 40-45 minutes, and the clothes are soft and not so much static. Thanks for sharing!

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