Make your own foam hand soap

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In our home, we love the foam hand soap better than the liquid gel stuff. It seems to wash off easier and we don’t tend to use as much either. I LOVE the Bath & Body foam hand soap, but we all know now how expensive it can be. Well…I have found an alternative that works great! You can either use empty Bath & Body foam hand soap bottles, or buy a bottle at the store, use it, then reuse the bottle.

Now, to make your own, buy any brand of cheap shampoo. Buy a scent that you would like as a hand soap. Now take your empty bottle and fill it about 1/4 full of shampoo. Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Screw the lid on and shake well to mix the shampoo and water.

Now it is ready to use! I usually buy White Rain or some other cheap brand of shampoo. Want to give it a try?

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    1. If the pump wears out, then just buy another pump bottle or a new foam soap from the store. This is a money-saving tip, so even if you went a few months without having to buy a brand new bottle of foam soap, you have saved a bunch!
  1. I've found it works to use liquid soap, too. If you end up with it not creating foam (if soap comes out instead) you know you have added too much soap. It is really great how using this type of dispenser cuts down on the amount of soap needed.
  2. Sheri have done this as well. I used bubble bath I got a big bottle at the dollar tree for $1.00. They have grape and strawberry kiwi I thnk. My children really love the fun scents of bubble bath. You just don't neet to delute it quite as much because the bubble bath is not quite as thinck at shampoo. This makes a fun project to do with little ones letting them help. They can have fun shaking it all up.
  3. Sheri, sometimes I use just plain dawn dish soap or a mix of castlle liquid soap and dawn.

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