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This weekend my 12-year-old son was wanting to create a quiz about birds for the rest of the family to take.  He LOVES birds…loves watching them, feeding them, identifying them, reading the field guides about them.  So when he told me what he wanted to do, I told him I would search the internet to see if there was someplace he could create a quiz online.  Well…I found one!

QuizStar is a really neat site and it is free.  The person making the quizzes or tests creates an account as “Teacher” and then you can add students.  You can also make the quiz private to you only or available to the public.  In creating the quiz, you can choose true/false, multiple choice, or text entry for the types of questions.  You really just have to go check this site out.

My son had so much fun creating a quiz and then having us take it.  I have to say that I did not do too well!  My son knows way more about birds than I do!  I can see where this would be a fun tool for homeschooling.  Not only would it be great if you (as the teacher) wanted to create a quiz for your homeschool, but your older kids could create quizzes for the other kids or you to take on a subject he loves to learn about.  What a fun way for your kids to dig deeper into topics of interest.

Click here to check out QuizStar today!

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